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Family Friday’s

After a family bike ride this evening we all worked together to prepare our family game night. Kendrick and G made popcorn, L cleared the table, and I made smoothies - Yummm. We played SORRY (G won!), then came First Orchard (co-operative game that we won together), and even got a few rounds of hide-n-seek in before bedtime. We also FaceTimed with Kendrick’s parents who are in Indiana. I love our family and the intentional time we spend together so much. We love board games and plan to keep them a big part of our Read more »

L’s Flower and Otter-pop Stand

Sunday was so fun! We set up a table to sell Otter-pops and small bouquets of flowers to help with adoption costs. Our 5 year old, L, came up with this idea. Last week L asked if we could set up a lemonade stand. Given the current situation of COVID I advised her that not many people would likely want homemade lemonade, but Read more »

Wednesday Evening Fun

The kids got to play with cousins tonight, well, second cousins. We always have so much fun visiting their home and little farm. Tonight they got to hunt for eggs in the chicken coop, feed the chickens, pet some bunnies, play with goats, jump on the trampoline with sprinklers underneath, and do an ice craft with colored Read more »

This weekend we…

-Hiked as a family -Cleaned out the cars -Swam in our neighbors pool -Ran through the sprinkler -Went to a park -Hiked with friends -Delivered a plastic pool to some friends -Dropped off donations at Goodwill -Had a family date in the Dairy Queen parking lot -Sat in-front of the AC -Attended church from our living room Read more »

Neighbors and Pool Days

We feel so blessed to have such sweet neighbors. We have an elderly neighbor that loves us so much. She always has tootsie pops ready for the kids when we visit and reminds me she is praying for our adoption journey. On Monday we sat on her back deck catching up from our Indiana trip while watching the kids play in her yard. Read more »

A Summer Favorite - Blueberry Picking

We picked 28lbs of blueberries today. 28lbs! We love blueberries and always try to get enough to freeze so we can enjoy them year round in oatmeal, homemade popsicles, pancakes, and other yummy treats. We have been picking blueberries every summer for about 4 years now and it’s become a family favorite activity. This was Read more »

Traveling and HOME

We had a great 3 week trip visiting Kendrick’s parents and now we’re HOME! Auntie even got to join us on our flight before she continued on to her destination. Our kids are quite the travelers. We have learned a few tricks over the years to making airport time and flights go smoothly. Coloring, tablets, lots of snacks, Read more »

Last weekend in Indiana

This picture seems to sum up our Sunday pretty well. We walked to Kentucky this morning (L was begging to do it one last time before heading home) and got the kids a Dairy Queen treat. G asked for french fries and L went for an ice cream cone. We got to see 4 barges on our walk - 2 of which passed directly under us on the Read more »

Getting to know “G”

G is our sweet little boy. He loves to cuddle, play along with his sister’s imaginative play, ride bikes, help make food, help with dishes, say “hi” to anyone who walks by our home, and say, “awwwww! Hi baybeeee” whenever he sees a baby. He is super thoughtful and seeks to help in ways that continue to amaze me. He Read more »

Work/Life Balance

We’ve been so blessed that Kendrick has been able to work from home during this pandemic. This has allowed us so much extra family time that we try not to take for granted. G wakes up early with him so they can eat breakfast together before Kendrick heads to the garage office to get work done. We get to eat lunch as a Read more »

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating! For the 4th we checked out the Saturday Farmer’s Market, did a firework craft, played at a playground, ate pizza, worked on a puzzle, threw “pop it’s” on the ground, twirled sparklers, and watched fireworks. The craft turned out really cool! The kids are thoroughly Read more »

Experiencing the “Firsts”

One of our favorite things about being parents is experiencing the “firsts” with our kids. When they are little, the new textures of grass or carpet always produce silly expressions along with introducing different foods and drinks. Swinging for the first time, going down a slide, riding in a bike trailer - it’s all so Read more »

A Letter from Stevi

Dearest Brave One, We haven’t met yet, but I want you to know that I admire and respect you. I see you during this hard time, and can already tell you are brave, courageous, and loving to even be considering an adoption plan for your child. As you search for the right family, I’d love to share a little more about Read more »

Getting to know “L”

L is the sweetest big sister. She is attentive to her brothers needs and usually offers to help him before I can even get to him. She will share bites of her treats with him, give him a cuddle if he gets hurt, lead him in imaginative play, and cheer him on with encouraging words. She was pretty young when we had her brother, Read more »


On Tuesday we packed up and boarded a plane to Indiana! Kendrick’s parents and sister are currently living here. This is actually where Kendrick was born and lived for the first 9 months of his life before moving to Alaska. The kids are such great travelers - both have been on more flights than I can remember (L was on 28 Read more »

Stevi’s 30th Birthday Surprise

I turned 30 last week. Wow! Where does the time go?! I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but I can truly say it ended up being the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER. On Thursday evening, Kendrick called a family meeting with the kids and me. He mentioned my birthday being the next day, and how 30 was a pretty Read more »

Father’s Day 2020

Happy Fathers Day to this amazing dad! He loves unconditionally, has amazing patience, and is so intentional about spending time with us. We love you, Kendrick, and I am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful dad. We went on a Father’s Day hike to celebrate today. We can hardly wait to carry along another baby (or Read more »

Weekend Getaway to Spokane, WA

We had a wonderful weekend visiting my (Stevi) older brother and his family in Spokane. Every time we visit our kids play together so well and the days seem to fly by. The kids got to ride bikes, run through the sprinkler, play at a park and on their play structure, and ride bikes at a pump track. (You can check out our Read more »

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary!

11 years ago we said our I do’s at 18 and 19 years old - man how time flies! The main song that comes to mind when I think about my incredible husband is “Then” by Brad Paisley. My love, admiration, and respect for this man continues to grow and I am so thankful to have him by my side making marriage awesome. Here’s Read more »

~ Words from our Family and Friends ~

These are all words written by family and friends of ours. Be sure to check back periodically as I add more. Feeling the love! “I’ve known Kendrick and Stevi since before they dated in high school, were married and had dreams of a family. Stevi was one of my boys’ first babysitters! She was so great with the Read more »

Daddy - Kid Dates

Kendrick is consistently present with our family and doesn’t want to miss this precious time we have with our kids. Once a month, he tries to take each kid on their own “Daddy - L Date” or “Daddy - G Date” to get some quality 1-on-1 time. G loves Chick-Fil-A cookies or popcorn from a local Read more »

The Great Outdoors

Kendrick and I grew up hiking in the Chugach Mountain range surrounding Anchorage, AK. We love experiencing God’s creation, seeing the beautiful views, and creating memories together. It’s been such a joy to see our kids enjoy the outdoors like we do. L and G were begging to hike on Thursday so after dinner we went to a Read more »

Our Oldest Turned 5 Today! Say Whaaaat?!?

Today was such a special day because L turned 5! Kendrick took the day off work and we spent it doing things L wanted - like going for a long bike ride with a picnic lunch (ended up being 10 1/2 miles. Oooof!), playing with her new walkie talkies and hammock, eating her favorite meal of rice with grilled chicken and Read more »

Our FIRST Diary Entry - Our love for the outdoors!

We are thrilled to be having warmer weather. As of this spring, both kids are riding pedal bikes (instead of balance bikes) and it is a favorite activity at our home. We are outside daily riding bikes, scooters or tricycles. L loves to find snails and give them rides in her bike basket. Our sidewalk is often covered in chalk Read more »

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