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A typical Tuesday

Yesterday involved some work, some social time, a little bit of baking and some biking. It was a gorgeous spring day in Salt Lake. Aaron set to work pretty early working from home. Holly started her day with a house call for a neighbor who had fallen and was afraid she needed stitches. After that, a friend stopped by for a physically distanced coffee date in our yard, which was a nice treat and catch up after seeing so few of our friends over the last couple months. 

We couldn’t help but notice the browning bananas on the counter were calling to us, so Holly made banana bread. One of the nice things about Aaron working from home is he can provide taste testing of all baked goods. He ao

As Aaron’s workday finished, we made the decision to head out on a mountain bike ride. The temperatures were perfect -a little chilly to start, but just warm enough once you’re moving -and we rode until nearly sunset. 
These days aren’t too unusual for us. Life has been different with Aaron working from home and we’ve enjoyed having more moments with one another throughout the day, despite Aaron’s busy schedule of emails and Zoom meetings. Holly works about 12 days a month, so she is able to be home most days. We know days like yesterday will be different with a child at home -mountain bike rides may need to be swapped for hikes or stroller runs - but we welcome these changes and cannot wait to add another member to our family to love.  

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