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Birthday weekend

We took this weekend to celebrate Holly’s birthday while we both had some days off. Birthdays are always fun in our house -there’s usually cake (or pecan pie), tasty food and excellent company. We started the day with a bike ride to one of our favorite spots. We always look for fun things on our ride, and this time we found a post with a pink hippo on it. We can’t wait to share findings like these with a child. We know that when a little one comes home with us our lives will change and joint bike rides Read more »

A typical Tuesday

Yesterday involved some work, some social time, a little bit of baking and some biking. It was a gorgeous spring day in Salt Lake. Aaron set to work pretty early working from home. Holly started her day with a house call for a neighbor who had fallen and was afraid she needed stitches. After that, a friend stopped by for a Read more »

Quarantine nights

We realize this has been an incredibly challenging time for so many people. The suffering and struggles that people have endured and continue to endure are real to us. However, we work hard to find joy in everyday and tonight we some. Tonight was the quintessential quarantine night. The two of us and Moose took a long walk Read more »

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