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Our Story

Five years ago we met and quickly FELL IN LOVE. It surprises people but we actually met on Match.com! Both of us took a chance and put ourselves out there to meet someone new. We had a destination wedding in Maine 2014. Our wedding was MAGICAL! There is nothing like holding the hand of your BEST FRIEND as they become your WIFE!

We were so EXCITED when our daughter Robin was born in 2018. Being parents we have realized how well we compliment each other, and that has made us a great TEAM. As parents this is our true STRENGTH, supporting and relying in each other, knowing the other will always have your back.

Everyday Robin LAUGHS and knows she is LOVED. Its not just important to say we love each other but to show it. Parenting like marriage takes work, and together we can do anything.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Welcome to our HOME. It is a three bedroom home we have lived in since 2006. During that time we have made this place WARM, and LOVING. We have GREAT NEIGHBORS that know and support each other - with kids and dogs all around. Just a half mile away is Hines PARK. This is a beautiful area great for long walks with our dogs, play areas for kids and even a pond to ice skate on in the winter.

Our child would be able to run around our BACKYARD, and learn to play sports or enjoy a bonfire. He or she would have their OWN ROOM, a space all their own. And family lives not 10 minutes away, allowing for more fun and adventure exploring.


adoptive family photo - Michelle Michelle is the most CARING person I've ever met. Her BIG HEART and COMPASSION make her everyone's best friend. Michelle is the HEART of our family, being my rock when times are tough or using her quick wit to make me smile each and every day. Its beautiful the way her eyes light up whenever she smiles. Michelle is an AMAZING MOM. She will share her love for animals, athletic competitiveness, and support our children to achieve their DREAMS.


adoptive family photo - Stephanie Stephanie is GOOFY. She is always making me smile and laugh. Her IMAGINATION and wonder with the world will be shared with our children. Stephanie is an engineer and that shows through her creativity. She is loyal and dependable, a TRUE FRIEND. When she was younger Stephanie was part of her High School marching band! She loves games of all types, especially puzzle games. Stephanie is a WONDERFUL mother. Her ability to put others first and love of learning will help our children grow.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle & Stephanie

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Michelle & Stephanie