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Our Story

We grew up on different continents, but the world had a plan for us and step-by-step, it brought us together.

I (Jessica) am from Atlanta, Georgia, where I’ve lived all of my life. I (Rémi) am from France, where I grew up in a small town south of Paris. I call it “castle and wine country,” because the city I am from has beautiful huge castles and vineyards.

What drew us to each other? Well, obviously, I (Jessica) was drawn to Rémi’s french accent. (Haha!) He says he was drawn to my colorfulness, and when we met, my bright hair and tattoos were the first things he noticed. After dating for a year and a half, he proposed to me on my favorite day of the year -- Christmas! I (Rémi) proposed on Christmas morning, while Jessica was making hashbrown casserole and we were in our pajamas. She was so surprised, but immediately said “DUH! of course I will!” We got married six months later, and we’ve now celebrated four and a half years of marriage. We live happily with our dog, Walter, and our cat, Miss Skillet.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We can describe our home in two words --very cheerful.
Our home is mid century modern, with lots of bright colors going on. It’s cozy and comfy, while still being stylish. Our home has three bedrooms, two baths, and a large basement. We are excited to begin working on the nursery, which is a huge room for the baby. Much like the rest of the house (and us), it will likely be very vibrant!
Our home supports the activities we love, which are cooking together, playing with the dog, watching movies, playing board/card games, and entertaining friends.
We are very close to the elementary school (two blocks away), and less than a mile from the middle school and high school. Our neighbors are a little older than us, but everyone is close. We always reach out when we see any- thing suspicious and share information! Our neighborhood is extremely diverse.


adoptive family photo - Remi I grew up near my grandparents’ farm in Blois, a small town an hour and a half south of Paris. My grandparents grew and raised everything they ate, which is the root of my inspiration for becoming a Chef! I am passionate about cooking, and love to cook French food (of course) with an American modern twist. The biggest challenge that I have overcome in life so far is moving to the U.S. 11 years ago for work, without knowing English.

I have always wanted to be a parent, and enjoy spending time with the children in our lives, especially my one-year-old nephew, Antonin. I want to be a parent so I can teach our child how to cook and teach them all about European football (soccer). I am also really excited about the opportunity to make our own baby food and trying to have them eat as organic as possible, to pass on my grandparents’ tradition!


adoptive family photo - Jessica I grew up in Marietta, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. Most people who live in Atlanta are transplants, but I’m one of the rare people you find who is from here, and so is my family. Growing up, I was very close with my mom and always knew I wanted a child so that I could be just as close to them as I am with my mom.

I am an expressive person and love having bright colored, ever-changing hair. I spend free time entertaining friends at the house, listening to podcasts, cooking, decorating, doing photography, going to concerts, and would describe myself as a foodie -- so trying fun places to eat is a must for Rémi and me! I am a project manager for a corporate events company, which in turn, means I’m super organized and love making lists.

I also do photography on the side and can’t wait to take photos of our child one day!

In our friend group, I’m the one who is always planning things for all of us, making dinner reservations, cooking dinner for everyone, etc... In fact, we even have a friend who calls me “mom,” as I’m always helping her with things and doing things with her. I can’t wait to apply this even more to Rémi’s and my life and take care of our child together. I’ve always wanted a child and to help them learn and grow, while encouraging them to explore anything that they dream about conquering.

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Remi and Jessica

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Remi and Jessica