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Remi and Jessica

To Someone Special,

Hello there! We are so grateful our profile made its way into your hands. We hope by getting to know us through these pages and photos, you’ll feel a sense of peace about your decision. We would love nothing more than to be chosen by you and to walk through this emotional process with you. We hope to talk to you soon!

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Who We Are

We grew up on different continents, but the world had a plan for us and step-by-step, it brought us together.

I (Jessica) am from Atlanta, Georgia, where I’ve lived all of my life. I (Rémi) am from France, where I grew up in a small town south of Paris. I call it “castle and wine country,” because the city I am from has beautiful huge castles and vineyards.

What drew us to each other? Well, obviously, I (Jessica) was drawn to Rémi’s french accent. (Haha!) He says he was drawn to my colorfulness, and when we met, my bright hair and tattoos were the first things he noticed. After dating for a year and a half, he proposed to me on my favorite day of the year -- Christmas! I (Rémi) proposed on Christmas morning, while Jessica was making hashbrown casserole and we were in our pajamas. She was so surprised, but immediately said “DUH! of course I will!” We got married six months later, and we’ve now celebrated four and a half years of marriage. We live happily with our dog, Walter, and our cat, Miss Skillet.

Adoption Diary

Sister Time

I have a pretty great sister. Always love getting in sister time. Here’s to hoping we can do sister weekends again, real soon!

If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, please let us know! We promise there will be no pressure- just love, support, and information to help you to make the decision that is best for you, your baby, and your family.

Send us a FB message! Hoping to Adopt: Jessica and Remi
Text 919-270-0328

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Friday Favorites!

Hi guys! Let’s do some Friday favorites. Can you guess whose is whose?

Favorite Movie: Avatar/Elf
Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni/Green Olives
Color: Orange or Pink/Blue
Breakfast: Pecan Waffle from Waffle House/Omelette

Think you’ve got us figured out? Let us know in the comments! First one to get them all correct wins bragging rights.

Send us a FB message: Hoping to Adopt: Jessica and Remi
Text 919-270-0328

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Remi and Jessica

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Remi and Jessica