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The bright side!

There have been bright sides of the pandemic for our family and one is being able to spend so much time together. And, because we have been working remotely, being able to spend extra time at the beach.

For over a month we swam, took beach walks, built sand castles, flew kites, hiked, rode bikes, rode horses, rode scooters, fished, ate lobster — and all those special New England things we love.

After months of it being just us, we expanded our “pod” to our family. Both sets of our parents were there. Suzy’s sister, Chris’s cousins, Suzy’s cousins and many of our friends. (We were all safe with COVID tests and masks, when needed.)

After very little interaction with other kids, Gigi was in heaven playing with friends who are like family and actual cousins.

Yes, this summer has been different, but honestly in a good way for us. We spent more time with family than ever and feel like we’ve won because of it.


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"Sounds of laughter, shades of life…" — a tiny glimpse into our world. We are two professionals (attorney and writer) who are already raising an amazing little girl in a cozy home also occupied by two fab felines.

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