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Love where you live

We loved where we lived before, but quarantine has made it next level love.

Every night amid lockdown, we go outside at 7 p.m. (the typical time hospital workers change shifts) and clap for the first responders who worked so hard to successfully flatten the COVID-19 curve here in NY.

The clapping in the city has made headlines and while we are outside Manhattan, we are still home to many frontline workers. Our neighbor John is a nurse in a busy NYC hospital and his wife, a teacher, is the one who got us clapping here.

John’s young son kicks things off each night, playing “Lean on Me” on his clarinet. If John is home, he joins with his own instrument.

We use kiddie instruments here - tambourine, xylophone, mini drum set, shakers and a triangle - to make some noise. Other neighbors have horns, bang pots and pans or just clap and whistle. (Chris has a whistle heard for miles.)

We love it so much - and don’t miss it. If we are out walking, we rush home by 7 to participate and to check in with and support our neighbors.

When this is all over, nobody here will miss the coronavirus, including the lives and jobs lost. But we will miss this beautiful display of solidarity very much.

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"Sounds of laughter, shades of life…" — a tiny glimpse into our world. We are two professionals (attorney and writer) who are already raising an amazing little girl in a cozy home also occupied by two fab felines.

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