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The bright side!

There have been bright sides of the pandemic for our family and one is being able to spend so much time together. And, because we have been working remotely, being able to spend extra time at the beach. For over a month we swam, took beach walks, built sand castles, flew kites, hiked, rode bikes, rode horses, rode scooters, fished, ate lobster — and all those special New England things we love. After months of it being just us, we expanded our “pod” to our family. Both sets of our parents were there. Read more »

Eight down, forever to go

Happy eighth anniversary to us. We were lucky to be on the dreamy island where we were married to mark it. So it’s impossible not to think back on that perfect day. Our favorite anniversary tradition is ordering mini versions of our wedding cakes (we had two flavors) from our cake maker and sharing them with our friends Read more »

Another magical night

We are trying to do a little of everything on vacation- and as much as we can outside so we can hang out, with social distance, with our loved ones. Last night we caught a magnificent sunset - orange crush - by the water. A rarity - we also got a photo of us all together. (Usually Suzy takes all the photos.) Ta-da - here Read more »

Greetings from the land of the mermaids

We are having the best vacation. Did I mention Chris is the sandcastle king? Well, he does designs on demand- and the demand has been for mermaid tails, fairy wings and moats. For Gigi and her BFF. Here is one of the mermaids - and this kiddo was delighted. Peace and sandcastles, Suzy & Chris Read more »

Swimming any time, anywhere

Last night we took a walk to the lagoon and Gigi and her BFF couldn’t resist the call of the water. They splish-splashed, fully clothed. Squeals of happiness could be heard from afar. This is how I (Suzy) grew up. Summers by the sea. We love that Gigi gets to grow up the same way. Read more »

Vacation agenda

Here is a glimpse at a typical summer day for us when we are away. Chris loves building sandcastles or moats with Gigi. She is a little wave rider - and she swims with Suzy and Grandma. Our friends are here, including Gigi’s BFF, so they are pretending (that they live in a castle, that the castle is haunted, that they are Read more »

Hello from vacationland

We made it! Since the pandemic hit, we worried we wouldn’t make it to our Annual Awesome Summer Beach Vacation (TM), but we did. We have more than 20 family members coming, as they do each year, for social distanced fun. We are a week in and are feeling relaxed and at home on this dreamy island. Today Gigi, my mom and I Read more »

Father’s Day spa treatment

We had a great Father’s Day because we have a great father in the house. While obviously there is some bias, but Chris is an incredible dad. He’s so hands on: When we had school, he would make lunch and do the drop off, really loving that morning time together with his girl. He is our family storyteller too, Read more »

Unicorn crew

What do we like to do? What don’t we like to do. We like playing games (This week: Let’s Go Fishin’ and Uno). Taking walks around our beautiful neighborhood. (Also: scooting and biking.) We have played in the sprinkler with two neighborhood kiddies. Gigi also got a water squirter, soaking us. We’ve also been Read more »

We have a grad!

Gigi graduated from pre-school today and we are so excited (and not just because we get a three month break from being “teachers.”) She is so proud of herself. “This is to celebrate me?” she asked before signing on to the Zoom call.  Grandma, grandpa, auntie and uncle also dialed in for the Read more »

Love where you live

We loved where we lived before, but quarantine has made it next level love. Every night amid lockdown, we go outside at 7 p.m. (the typical time hospital workers change shifts) and clap for the first responders who worked so hard to successfully flatten the COVID-19 curve here in NY. The clapping in the city has made Read more »

Black lives matter

The closest we have been to other humans in months to speak out in our community and say: Black lives matter. Black men matter. Black women matter. Black children matter. Black rights matter. Black dreams matter. We are listening. We can do better. Read more »

We can do better

We watched the CNN/Sesame Street town hall about racism as a family and had a good long talk about racial equality. Gigi has been fortunate to have always attended very diverse schools, from her very first daycare playgroup at 6 months. But bringing attention to the injustice in the country was and is important. So was Read more »

Lockdown has us like…

We are generally very silly and lighthearted but being home 24/7 together has escalated things. Gigi has these Barbie dresses that can be colored and painted with DIY designs. It’s a fun thing to play with while we work. Yesterday, we are not sure exactly how, but the coloring went from the dresses to .., our eyebrows. Read more »

Registration is open for Cat School

Not only do we have homeschool going on during lockdown, but we have… Cat School. Boo and Henry - our gentle feline duo, who don’t miss nighttime stories or a couch cuddle - have been getting a first-class education from Miss Gigi. They start the day getting groomed. They transition into playtime - when every cat Read more »

“Come innnnn”

Being home together the last few months, a family hobby has become birdwatching . Chris bought a window feeder for me for Christmas and we finally put it up. It’s been such a hit - woodpeckers, gold finches, doves, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays - that we have expanded to add a feeder with suet and one for humming birds. Read more »

Dreaming of the beach - but we will get there

Anybody else have their Memorial Day plans changed because of the coronavirus? Oh, most of you? Same. We usually kick off summer with a family trip to Suzy’s sister’s beach house. It is usually too cold to swim, but Grandma does anyway as we cheer her own. Last year, Gigi joined her - then we wrapped her in so many Read more »

Kicking off Memorial Day Weekend

With a socially distant visit from grandma and grandpa! Hurray! She is used to seeing them every day, they live up the street, so it has been incredibly hard. But they suggested they bring their chairs and watch her play in the sprinkler. Ice cream was also served. It is amazing what a mood booster it is even if there is no Read more »

All aboard the LR Express

This photo sums up life in our house. You ‘round the corner and find a train (IKEA bins!) being operated in the living room with Chris (with a guitar) along for the ride. Read more »

New resident(s) of our Barbie Dream House

We shared that a quarantine purchase during the pandemic was a Barbie Dream House. Kind of ridiculous, but we hoped it would occupy Little Miss G. While she likes it for sure, not as much as ... the cats do. When Barbie’s ride isn’t parked in the garage, one of them likely is. Read more »

Summertime is here — and we’ll take it

We had our first 80 degree day — and we were out in the sprinkler. We have no idea if our pool will be open, so this may be our daily routine. Not pictured: A picnic first under a shady tree — and this kid soaking us with her Paw Patrol sprinkler. We’ll take it. Read more »

Double rainbow

After the storm comes a rainbow — and yesterday we were treated to a double rainbow right over our roof. It felt like a little kiss of magic. Read more »

Let’s go fly a kite

Two days ago, the FBS (Future Big Sis) was in the sprinkler on the first hot spring day of the year. Yesterday it was so blustery we flew a kite. Chris appeared to have the most fun of all while his wing-woman chatted happily while she watched. But she took turns too. Ah - we love where we live and that this is Read more »

Wishing for a “baby brother or sister”

As she does every day. Only today it was while blowing a dandelion, meaning her wish has to come true, right? We know it will.  More than one year ago we began this journey of looking for our person. We knowi the right one will come. Love, peace and dandelion wishes, C&S Read more »

Surviving quarantine: Baking, Barbies and overstuffed backpacks

It’s the craziest time that we’ve ever experienced, but there are bright sides. For us, the biggest is being employed and able to fully work from home while also spending 24/7 with our daughter. And, yes, it can be exhausting, but the kind of exhaustion that makes you smile when your head hits the pillow because Read more »

Reminiscing about Disney

It seems like 100 years ago, but right before this pandemic put us on lockdown, we took our daughter to Disney World for the first time. We spent a day at Magic Kingdom (with a fun Peter Pan sighting outside Cinderella’s castle), but really enjoyed the other parks — like Animal Kingdom, where we had a great time Read more »

Important reminder

Little messages — they’re everywhere.  While reading our daughter “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” by Emily Winfield Martin today, we came across this page and quote: “When nights are black and when days are gray — you’ll be brave and be bright so no shadows can stay.” It can be Read more »

Mental reset

One of our favorite things about our town is that from one side you can see the iconic New York City skyline and just three minutes up the road, you can get lost in the woods. With social isolation keeping us inside 23/7, we just enjoyed a great brain break. We wandered and climbed and sat to stare at our refections in the Read more »

Isolating and adopting

We always wanted two kids, but life didn’t stop — or even slow down — when it didn’t happen. We were so busy enjoying parenting and our magic girl that it wasn’t something that hung over us. It was really her that turned us on this path, which we started more than a year ago. Her innate need to have a Read more »

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