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Chris & Suzanne

New York couple and future big sister

Hi — and thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We're a longtime couple, recently celebrating our eighth anniversary. Chris is a lawyer and Suzy writes breaking news stories. Since we became parents, we’ve experienced such joy taking our daughter, Gigi, on adventures big and small. We’ve built a beautiful life in our sweet historic town outside New York City with our families and friends nearby. We long ago decided that we wanted to grow our family to four through the gift of adoption, adding the second child we’ve hoped for and giving our daughter the sibling she’s ready to love. (She literally practices being a big sister. See our photo album.) The cherished baby will know their special origin story — and your bravery and selflessness in making this choice. We promise to work with you on an a plan for openness that you feel comfortable with. We also promise to give this baby an extraordinary life with overflowing amounts of love. We just need you to start the conversation by reaching out. We are waiting with open hearts.

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Who We Are

Our friends played matchmaker for us more than a decade ago. Chris had finished law school and returned to work in his hometown (New York City) where Suzy (also a New Yorker) worked as a writer. We met at a birthday party. We bonded over bike rides, binge-watching TV, the Beatles and just bopping around Brooklyn. We soon learned we had similar upbringings — and even figured out that for years, and before we had ever met, our families had been vacationing each summer at the same place at the same time. (They probably walked past each other on the sidewalk.) That vacation place served as the perfect spot for our wedding.

The best thing to happen since our wedding was having our daughter, Gigi. It wasn’t easy getting pregnant, so it was a great excitement
when it happened. Our goal was always to give Gigi a sibling — and knew quickly adoption was the right way to grow our family. One thing we didn’t expect on our journey was just how much she would want a brother or sister herself. Gigi can’t wait to have a sibling to love. It has made adoption so much more natural and obvious.

Adoption Diary

Eight down, forever to go

Happy eighth anniversary to us.

We were lucky to be on the dreamy island where we were married to mark it. So it’s impossible not to think back on that perfect day.

Our favorite anniversary tradition is ordering mini versions of our wedding cakes (we had two flavors) from our cake maker and sharing them with our friends and family who are away with us.

So this is no. 8 - and some photos Gigi snapped of us the last few weeks of vacation.


Another magical night

We are trying to do a little of everything on vacation- and as much as we can outside so we can hang out, with social distance, with our loved ones.

Last night we caught a magnificent sunset - orange crush - by the water.

A rarity - we also got a photo of us all together. (Usually Suzy takes all the photos.)

Ta-da - here we are.

Peace and beautiful sunsets,
Suzy, and Chris

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Chris & Suzanne

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Chris & Suzanne