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NY couple and future big sister ❤️

Hi — and thanks for taking time to learn a little about us. We’ve experienced such JOY showing our daughter the world, through adventures big and small. We’ve carved out a BEAUTIFUL life in our little town outside NYC with our families nearby. But we still have more to give. We hope to grow our family to 4, adding the second child we’ve dreamed of and giving our daughter the sibling she’s so ready to LOVE.

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Our friends played matchmaker for us more than a decade ago. Chris had finished law school and returned to work in his hometown (New York City) where Suzy worked as a writer. We bonded over bike rides, binge-watching TV, the Beatles and just bopping around Brooklyn together. We soon learned we had similar upbringings — and even figured out that for years, and before we had ever met, our families had been vacationing each summer at the same place at the same time. (They probably walked past each other on the sidewalk.) That vacation place served as the perfect spot for us to get married.

The best thing to happen since our wedding was having our daughter, Gigi. It wasn’t easy getting pregnant, so we felt then — and still do — that we hit the jackpot. Our goal was always to give her a sibling — and knew quickly adoption was right for us.
But one thing we didn’t expect was how much she would want a brother or sister of her own. Gigi can’t wait to have a sibling to love. And it has made adoption so much more natural and obvious. It would be a dream come true for all of us.

Adoption Diary

“Come innnnn”

Being home together the last few months, a family hobby has become birdwatching .

Chris bought a window feeder for me for Christmas and we finally put it up. It’s been such a hit - woodpeckers, gold finches, doves, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays - that we have expanded to add a feeder with suet and one for humming birds. (The cats are even more excited than we are. Meowwww.)

We have never seen woodpeckers so up close and personal before. One that comes always pecks on the roof just prior to going to the feeder - it is the quirkiest thing. Like it’s announcing its arrival (and hopefully not ruining the roof. Lol).

The other morning at 4:30 am, I was in Gigi’s room sleeping with her (COVID sleep regression!) and the bird started drilling on the roof. In a dead sleep with eyes closed, Gigi spoke:

“Come innnnn.”

Yes, the sleepy babe was talking to the woodpecker. In her deep dreamland, she thought someone was knocking on her bedroom door.

First and last time she has talked in her sleep that I have heard.  I’m so glad I was there to hear it.

- Suzy


Dreaming of the beach - but we will get there

Anybody else have their Memorial Day plans changed because of the coronavirus? Oh, most of you? Same.

We usually kick off summer with a family trip to Suzy’s sister’s beach house. It is usually too cold to swim, but Grandma does anyway as we cheer her own. Last year, Gigi joined her - then we wrapped her in so many towels you couldn’t see her.

We bundle up for beach days. Go clamming (or watch). Build sand castles. Go on long walks with the dog. Get ice cream. Fly kites. Shop at the book store. Visit our longtime family friend (who is in his 90s, but has a younger spirit than any of us) to see how his winter was.

It is sad not to be there this weekend (first time in years), but we will go later in the summer when it is safer to road trip.

Last year we spent 6 weeks at the beach in total. It is a huge part of our lives and souls. It recharges us. It inspires us. It is great family time.

Speaking of family, at some points, we have 30 family members from both sides there at the same time. (Our families love each other and even hang out without us.) It’s beautiful chaos. Kids everywhere. We miss it but will get a heaping dose soon enough - and it will feel better than ever.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Suzy + Chris

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