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Our amazing cat!

People we have asked say our cat is unique. He’s very curious and very friendly. Our cat is a unique bear of a boy with a striking orange shade. They stand out, perhaps we react to them differently because of their appearance. Perhaps they enjoy the admiration of their coat. Like many owners of this particular type of amazing orange cat, we see him as very friendly with almost everyone. However, as we all know cats are unique, and their personalities are as likely to exhibit shyness as they are to show friendliness Read more »

Celebrating our Friends

Life keeps us busy yet we believe its important to get together to celebrate the good things in life. So when our friend’s invited us to a party, we said “yes” and got dressed up to share in the joy. It was fun party full of family from ages 8 months to 85 years young! The DJ played some great oldies and Read more »

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Josh & Michael

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Josh & Michael