April: Looking for a Miracle

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April: Looking for a Miracle

Seeking to Be a Mama for the First Time to a Little One w/ Cultural Background!

Dear Expectant Mother/Family,

I know this must be a scary and confusing time for you and you want to make the right decision without judgement. A decision made out of love is a decision that is selfless. Whether I am chosen or not, I am grateful that you are making this choice that will make someone's dream come true. You must also have questions: "Will they love my child the same if they have their own?" & "What are they going to say about me to the child later on?" A child needs to know they are loved from every direction. It’s not okay to show favoritism to one child over another no matter what the circumstances are. I have seen so many in the world do this and it is completely wrong. It’s also never okay to paint a child’s biological family in a bad light. It's not healthy for the child and it's not fair to you. As a teacher, this is a constant practice to speak positively and build confidence in a child’s value. I can promise to continually tell them the love you have for them and that you care about them and who they become no matter how far away you may be. I strongly believe in this because I know that every word you speak to a child plays a part in how they feel about themselves.

I have always seen myself adopting even when I was a little girl. Now, I am a 38 year old single woman diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome and have a high chance of infertility. I always thought I would fall in love, get married and have children by this time in my life. But the right guy has still not come along and dating has proved to be more difficult as time goes on. I feel time to be a mother is slowly passing by and I know my life will never feel complete without a child in it. As I began this journey, I was overwhelmed by the amount of love and support by family and friends who were excited about my desire to grow a family. Reading over their reference letters (available to you if desired), gave me so much courage and encouragement to become an adoptive mother.

I have a Master’s degree in education with additional certifications in the areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, & Special Education. I am a teacher at the top K-8 elementary school in our area and feel this has prepared me for so many things I will encounter with a child. Being a teacher gives me the ability to spend time with my child when they are not in school. I hope to teach my child to make decisions that he or she will feel proud of and to always do their best to become the person they want to be. I am a Christian who believes in loving God and loving others with kindness and compassion.I grew up in a loving family in a small southern town in Missouri. I still live close to that area in the beautiful Ozarks region. I love the beauty of nature and traveling during summer breaks. Some activities I enjoy are drawing, spending time with family & friends, watching tv/movies, visiting parks, doing church activities, swimming, hiking, baking.I could see myself taking my child to National Parks, on scenic hikes, camping, and kayaking during summer breaks. I also envision sitting down at the table to play board games, make crafts, and attending their school activities throughout the year. I have a large extended family and we like to do lots of holiday traditions together such as making Christmas cookies, looking at lights, watching fireworks, big holiday meals, buying Easter outfits, watching parades etc. Getting to know someone is so difficult through a letter, but my personality is gentle, compassionate, nurturing, academic and creative. I am a task oriented person, and I try to be positive and inspiring to others and make the world a better place. You may view my Facebook page if you want a better sense of the real me outside of this letter to know who I am.

I am looking for a newborn from a Latino, Polynesian or Native American descent. I have absolutely no prejudice towards other ethnicities, I just feel God has called me to adopt a baby from these origins. It's hard to put into words how I feel this is my purpose and destiny; I just know deep inside that one day my child will have connections of this heritage. I have a passion toward these cultures that started when I was a little girl and I feel a tugging in my heart when I see the beauty of the people, environment, music or celebrations from these regions. I have learned languages, went to classes, ordered cultured kids books, been on mission trips, joined trans-racial adoption groups and made many face-to-face friends of various cultures. I know the importance of keeping heritage alive and am excited to incorporate that as they grow up. I am excited for a beautiful mother who will also come into my life and be a part of this story of how God made it all come together. I'm sure I don't know how to say all the right things to explain this, but my heart means well and I know that there is a child out there that I am meant to be there for and fall in love with. ​

I am interested in an adoption where I would welcome the chance to share pictures, updates, letters and possible visits as they grow up. I want to give you that sense of connection and peace if you want that. However, I understand that everyone feels differently and I would be open to other options based on your desires. I think that it's important for both you and the child to know each other and have a sense of connection on a level that you are comfortable with.

As you go through the process of selecting a family, please know that I support your decision and I don’t judge you. If I am chosen, I will cherish this child. I will surround them with unconditional love and affection. This child will have opportunities, a home full of love, laughter, and joy. I'll provide safety, a good home, education, an example of good character, family & friends and support them as they develop their own personality. I have so much love to give and hope that you would consider the chance for me to share it with your baby. I am willing to travel for the birth & adoption. I have faith that God will place you together perfectly for a match!


April Morton

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Who I Am

I grew up in southern Missouri in a small town. I was raised in a loving, but blue collar two-parent family living paycheck to paycheck. I was a shy child who wanted to please people around me but came out of my shell as I got older. I grew up with one younger brother and enjoying big family gatherings and holiday traditions. I found a love for education and excelled in school. I worked hard and graduated as a Valedictorian of my class. I went on to become a teacher and hold a Master's degree as an Elementary Math Specialist. I currently work in the special education department and love helping students make math connections or learn to read for the first time!

I am a Christian, attend church regularly and am devoted to my faith. I believe that includes living a life of integrity and showing kindness to others. I also believe being a Christian doesn't mean you must cut yourself off from the world, or keep your child from participating in childhood memories.

I have always wanted to be a Mom. It has been a longing desire. Adopting has always been something I have always dreamed of, but I thought I would fall in love and get married first. We can make plans, but sometimes God has other intentions.

I know adoption can look very different. Somewhere out there is a mother who is making the most difficult decision of her life. She knows that adoption is the right choice for her, but she has so many concerns. Will she regret it? What will her child think? Will she be cut off from her child? How will she know that she picked the right family? etc. I can't begin to think that I know how to give her all those answers. However, I can tell you from my side of things that I recognize all of these fears. They say it takes a village to raise a child and that's certainly true. To begin, I may be a single person, but I understand that every person in my life, affects my child's life. This is important because maybe a mother has concern of the child not having a male father figure. I have a father, a brother, uncles, "like a second parent" father figures, close male church friends etc. that will all be able to provide that role in a child's life. Also, it means that if the birth mother would like to have a connection to her child, I won't deny them that. I think that this is healthy for both the birth mom and the child. It's important that the child knows where they came from and that their birth parent loves and cares about them throughout their life. This helps the adoption process to have peace of mind on both ends. I would want to discuss that together and set up expectations for that contact and frequency for throughout their years. Thirdly, getting to know the family you choose, gives you comfort knowing that your child is safe and has a good environment. I want you to have that assurance. For that reason, I am open to questions, correspondence, providing honest feedback from my references, and allowing Facebook searches of my profile. I have nothing to hide and have received nothing but support from all those who know me.

Adoption Diary


Dear Father, I ask that wherever my forever child is out there, you would be with them and their mother.  Keep them healthy and blessed.  Cover them in goodness and speak peace over the family.  Bring us together in the right time and with the still, small voice that gives them peace to know that their child will always be loved and cared for.  I pray for you to not only care for the child but also for the mother giving her a blessed life ahead.  That you would arrange the future relationship details and a friendship that you desire.  I don’t always say the right thing or know how to present myself, but I pray that my future child’s family sees my heart and knows the love I have for them. In Jesus name, Amen

Religion vs. Rejection

I recently posted a prayer for someone who was going through a hard time. It was immediately attacked and rejected.  I guess I’m a little naive to the way the world works. I didn’t realize that so many people were offended by prayer.  I know that it can be a sensitive topic but encouragement can come in so many forms.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen religion be off balanced and weird, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  It can really offer a sense of peace when things are out of your hands, or bring people together after a disaster. I guess I’m just writing this because my heart is too do good, to love people, to want to share hope with them.  Maybe you are also looking at my profile and turned off by the fact that I believe in God.  I just want to ask you to reconsider and I want to apologize on behalf of genuine Christians if you have had bad experiences.  Christianity should make everyone feel loved, encouraged, and guided toward positive choices.  Just wanted to share that. Thanks for listening.

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April: Looking for a Miracle

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April: Looking for a Miracle