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Time Enough at Last

When I was a kid, I loved watching the old black and white Twilight Zones. I think I still have a bunch on VHS. And yes, I still have a VHS player that may or may not work.

One of my episodes was the one titled “Time Enough at Last,” about a man who just wanted to sit down and read, but never had the time. Then, the apocalypse came. He was the only one left, and decided to catch up on some reading. Of course it was a Twilight Zone, so his glasses broke and he couldn’t read without them.

Lucky for me, I have a few pairs of glasses; blue rimmed for everyday, and black rimmed for when I’m trying to look uber professional. And also, the world is not really ending. I’m not sure how long the shelter in place will last, but the school district I work for officially announced that we won’t be back to work until at least May 1st.

It almost feels like a vacation, except that there’s work to do online at times, and the only fun things we’re allowed to do are to cook at home and exercise.

And garden. I have big plans for my garden. Last night it rained, but today the weather was beautiful and temperate - making it a breeze to pull weeds from the wet soil of my overgrown garden area in the far back of my yard.

Between walking my foster dog, taking a yoga class via youtube, and getting some work done, I was able to squeeze in a good hour of weeding, and planted some cucumber and carrot seedlings.

I am still terrible at taking selfies. Today I tried using my laptop to take this photo. As you can see from all of the clover, I really have my work cut out for me. It’s very exciting though, to think about a future with my amazing vegetable garden.

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