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My Story

For the past 20+ years I've lived in the San Francisco Bay area, where I own a home, and work for a local school district as a Behavior Specialist. Human behavior has always fascinated me, and I love that I get to help both children and adults with special needs to live more independently, and with dignity.

I love to travel on school holidays, and traveled to India to receive my Yoga Certification in 2015. Currently, I teach yoga to adults with special needs on Saturdays, and am planning to travel to Thailand for a yoga training this summer.

My parents raised me to believe that I could do anything. I am passionate about helping others, and have a lot of experience with kids.

Here I am, pictured with a friend's son. I love camping, travel, and doing little things at home. I can't wait to share all of that with a child of my own!

Before I became a Behavior Analyst, I spent 9 years as a Special Education teacher. Since the time they were born, I have remained close with my brother's children, and my cousin's children, who now range in ages from 6-14. I love spending holidays with them, and they look forward having a new relative to carry on our family traditions with. I was raised Catholic on my mother's side, and Jewish on my father's side - so I like to celebrate all of the holidays!

I have great relationships with my friends. They come to me for advice, as I come to them. I am always learning, growing, and adapting. I think these are good traits for a parent to have.

I am financially stable and have lots of maternity leave saved up. My job is also flexible, and much of it can be done at home.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home My home is sometimes a place of quiet contemplation, and at other times full of life and conversation. I love to cook, garden, and read during the quiet times. At least monthly, I have larger groups of friends and family over for potlucks, BBQs, and other gatherings. I have a huge backyard, and it's just waiting for a swing set.

In Oakland, I have close access to beautiful redwood forests, mountain hikes, farmer's markets, beaches, and parks. San Francisco is just a 20 minute drive or train ride away, and provides lots of culture and entertainment; museums, plays, and historic landmarks. There are beautiful campgrounds all over California, and the weather is always temperate.

This photo is of last Thanksgiving.

About Michelle

You may be asking yourself how I ended up single and ready to adopt....

I had a long term relationship with a partner who passed away a few years ago. Right now, raising a child (while I am still young) is more important to me than finding a partner.

Don't worry, I'm not doing this alone. I have wonderful friends and family who are willing and able to help me.

Plus, I've got Clarence. He's hoping for a boy, but I will love a child of any gender!

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Michelle Lisa

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Michelle Lisa