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Our Story

We are both working professionals in the film and television industry.

Emily is an award-winning television news executive.

Anthony is a film producer on major motion pictures.

We are in a great position to provide and care for a child together. We can provide a loving home, full of joy and wonderful discovery.

We really want to be parents and we're hoping to welcome a child into our hearts and home, so that we can shower that baby with love and affection. If you choose us, you will know with certainty that we will provide for every aspect of your baby's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being each and every day. We will love your baby unconditionally and make your baby the center of our world.

We met at a birthday party for a mutual friend of ours and hit if off immediately. Soon afterward we began to work on a movie together. It was on that film that we became great friends. We had many things in common and a mutual respect for one another grew. We became each other's best friends.

Through sharing our thoughts with one another we realized we had the same hopes and dreams of being in a committed relationship and having a family. We decided to get married and have been happily married now for eight years.

As soon as we got married, we moved in together and began trying to get pregnant. As it turned out, having our own child wasn't as easy as we thought it was going to be. After trying for several years and after having several miscarriages, it started to become clear that Emily was not meant to carry a baby. However, we never lost our dream of having a family.

We realized that our dream was to devote ourselves to a child and we didn't need a biological connection to the child to become a family.

There was no question in our mind that adoption would be the answer to making that dream come true.

We believe that to have a child to love and share all of our good fortune with is why we have been put in the situation we are in. We feel that adoption is meant to be.


We plan to provide a home that is kind, supportive and caring. We hope to be good role models and teach independence and above all, happiness. We want to provide every opportunity to learn and grow and experience life, but most of all, we want him or her to feel loved. We want to love your child with all of our hearts and always let them know that they are safe. We think this will encourage him or her to explore new things with confidence.

We want to give him or her the freedom to pursue their dreams, starting at a young age. Whether its sports or art or dance or whatever they may choose. We will support them in their choices and guide them when they need it.

We will play and travel and learn and also teach them. We want your child to feel secure so that they can "be a kid" and not have to worry about the world too soon.

As they get older, we will help them with their homework and listen to their problems and needs. We will be their friends as well as their parents. As a family we will support one another and respect the fact that although we are all individuals, we are also part of a team, and that team is our family.
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Our Home

Our home is warm, welcoming and full of love, friends and family. We live in New York City . There are plenty of families and children living in the neighborhood. There are many conveniences that make our location a great place to live and raise children.

We are very social and love to have our friends and neighbors over to share meals and have fun. Our home is spacious, and your child would have their own bedroom and bathroom.

There are three wonderful parks with playgrounds within a 5-minute walk of our home, and one is directly beside us. The neighborhood is full of every kind of store imaginable, restaurants, ice cream shops, recreational centers and a brand-new library. We also have great schools very close to home. Our neighborhood is safe, family-friendly and full of kids.


Both of our families are a constant source of support and love, and everyone is very excited about our decision to adopt. Our parents on both sides are beyond thrilled about becoming grandparents. Both sets of grandparents are outgoing and fun and can't wait to dote on this new grandchild. They want to be a large part of this child's life. They will also be very involved since they are all retired.

Our parents have all been looking forward to doing fun things like baking, painting and playing with Anthony's stepdad' s huge train set.

Emily's sister Millie will be the most wonderful aunt! She is very loving and also really fun. She is the favorite aunt of all of our cousins' children. She loves to read, go to museums and travel.

Anthony's brother Chris will be a great uncle as well. He can't wait to share his comic book collection with a young niece or nephew. He has a deep love and vast knowledge of music, as well as a huge music collection. He can help share different kinds of music and cultures. He likes to joke around and can't wait to tell stories about the adventures that he and Anthony got into when the two of them were growing up together.

We have many cousins who all have children, so there will have lots of kids in the family to play with. All of them know that we are trying to adopt and everyone from the parents to the children are super excited. We have many family get-togethers and the kids always love to see each other. Birthdays and holidays are always fun with the cousins. We all buy gifts for each other and have parties where there's lots of food, and of course, cake!


We have a close group of friends, many whom we have known since childhood, and we consider them to be like our second family. Diane, Kat, Lisa, Wendy, Ben, Steve, Gavin and John, among others, mean the world to the both of us. We all love spending time together and celebrating holidays, birthdays and other milestones together. The children in our group are always given gifts, attention and lots of love. We love having movie nights at our home when the children visit with popcorn and games too! All of our friends are thrilled by the prospect of us adopting, and thex can't wait to spoil that baby too! We feel extremely lucky to have such wonderful friends in our lives.


Holidays are tremendously important to us, especially because we get to spend them with loved ones.

Halloween in our home is super fun! We love to carve pumpkins, get dressed up, greet trick or treaters and then eat all of the leftover candy! We can't wait to help your child dress up and take him or her out trick or treating.

Christmas is in our home is amazing! We always go pick out the perfect tree and then bring it home and decorate it. We have tons of decorations, even a dancing Santa. We go to church on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we play Christmas music, bake cookies, open presents and sit around in our pi's all day. The Christmas and New Year's holidays are all about celebrations, spending time together, and visiting family and friends. We can't wait to share these holidays with your child. Also, we are excited to experience the ioy of watching them discover these warm and loving occasions and traditions.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. We often host it at our home unless we are visiting one of the sets of grandparents. Either way, it is full of family and friends. We enioy the tradition of the huge meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, tons of sides and pumpkin pie! We spend the day cooking the meal together. There is always a lot of laughing. Most of all, it really is a time to give thanks for all that we are blessed with.

Every July 4th we BBQ with friends and their children in the neighborhood and then we watch the fireworks together. It's so exciting and beautiful!


We have a lot of fun together and we can't wait to share our enthusiasm as parents. We are constantly laughing and love spending time with each other. We try to plan something special every weekend. We go to museums, plays, parks and amusement parks. We love riding bikes and are both super active. We also love to watch movies and cook meals as a team. We try to do most things together and really enjoy each other's company. All of the children of our friends and family love coming over to our house and think that we are super fun. We have lots of board games for them to play with and often take them to the wonderful playground which is right around the corner from our home.


We have so much love to share with your child and we' re excited to have the opportunity to do so through adoption. If we are given this privilege to adopt your baby, you can always feel secure in the knowledge that we will unconditionally love and cherish your child. We wish you all the best in everything you do, especially in the coming weeks when you will make some tough decisions; decisions made out of love for your child, but nevertheless, very difficult ones.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read about us and our deep desire to have a child to love for the rest of our lives. WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WISH YOU PEACE AND JOY

About Emily

Emily is an award-winning television news executive who began her career producing movies.

Her job in news is exciting and she manages an entire department. She is well respected by all of her peers and associates. Although she is technically the "boss", most of her colleagues consider her a friend as well and appreciate her kind, yet direct nature.

Although she loves her job, she is really looking forward to taking time off to raise a baby.

Emily's childhood was filled with laughter and love. She grew up in a charming home in a small town in Canada. The neighborhood was filled with children around her age. In the summers they would swim, ride bikes and play hide and go seek. In the winter, they would make snowmen and go sledding. She played a lot of sports in school. She was in the drama club, on the student council and attended camp every year. She did fun things with her friends. They listened to music, went shopping, had study groups and had sleepovers and pool parties. They would also often sit around a campfire and sing songs and roast marsh mellows.

She has one sister Millie and the two of them are very close. They did everything together as children and still do. They speak on the phone nearly every day. Emily's sister Millie is older and has been a wonderful mentor to her throughout her life. Since she doesn't have children, she plans to be a big part of this child's life.

Emily's family was very close knit and although both her parents worked, they made family time a priority. They had dinner together every night, with Emily and her sister often helping their mom prepare all the meals from scratch

On the weekends they would go on fishing trips, visit friends and family and go for picnics in the park by the lake. For vacations, they would often drive all the way to Florida or Myrtle Beach, but they didn't mind, because they all loved the road trips and would sing and play games in the car as they drove.

Emily had many friends growing up and throughout high school and university. She is still friends with most of them today and they visit each other often. Her friends are very important to her and she cherishes all of her friendships, as they are like a second family to her and now to Anthony as well.


When I first met Emily, I was immediately comforted by her smile and her outgoing personality. She was easy to talk to and I felt that she was a genuine and real person. As our friendship grew, her honestly and loyalty as a friend became something that I treasured. I still feel comforted talking with her and knowing that she is on my side.

Our friendship blossomed into love and eventually marriage. She is a strong, intelligent woman whose laugh brings joy to those around her. I am always reassured by her smile. I can count on her and I trust her. She will be a wonderful mother, full of love, kindness, humor and fun.

Emily likes many things and her curiosity and strength will inspire a child. Her intelligence and "problem solving" skills are two of her greatest traits. People look to Emily for guidance and advice. She is patient, caring and understanding when helping others. She is a good friend to have and everyone will say so.

Emily encouraged me to follow my heart in my career and to never give up. With her love and support I am now where I had always dreamed to be. Emily's advice, loyalty and laughter helped me along the way and these are just some of the reasons why I love her.

I look forward to every moment I spend with Emily. It will be amazing to see her bring her confidence, grace, love and joy to a child.

About Anthony

Anthony is a film producer on major motion pictures. His job is very exciting, and he gets to work with movie stars and other famous people.

Anthony is a great producer who is also well respected in his field. He is known as the go to guy, the one that can fix problems. Even when he faces challenges, he never loses his cool and he is very much admired because of this.

Anthony grew up in a small town in Ohio with his mother Natalie and his older brother Chris. Anthony's Grandma Mary lived with him and the house was always full of laughter and lots of food from a young age. He attended church where Anthony sang in the choir and participated in the holiday programs.

Anthony always had a new hobby and sometimes they didn't last too long. One day he was collecting baseball cards the next day it was coins. He wanted to be a magician, a juggler, an astronaut, you name it.

As a kid Anthony and his family celebrated most holidays with full decorations and pageantry. Coloring Easter eggs was amongst the most fun and creative events in the home. Chris and Tony (Anthony was called Tony as a young boy) loved also to carve pumpkins at Halloween, decorate the Christmas Tree and to help cook Thanksgiving dinner.

As Anthony became a teen, he rode his bike a lot and played sports. He and his brother liked to go to amusement parks, swim in lakes and they started a band in their basement with their friends.

Anthony learned to work at a young age if he wanted to buy things for himself. He did odd jobs for neighbors, had a paper delivery route, washed cars, worked in a supermarket amongst other things.


Anthony is my best friend, my teammate and the light and love of my life. I love him more and more every day. He will make an amazing father and he is really looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. We have many friends with children, and they all love Uncle Anthony! He plays with them and teaches them games and sports and they all think he is really funny.

Anthony is extremely loyal and is always willing to help out a friend, family member or colleague. People come to liim for advice on everything from lite to work and he is always happy to help.

He is one of the smartest people I know. He reads all the time and knows so much about everything. From history to popular music to sports to art. He loves to play games; he has a great sense of humor and he often mentors younger people in his field. He can have a conversation with anyone about anything. For all these reasons, I think he will be a great dad.

He is very resourceful and can seemingly fix any problem, big or small. He reminds me a lot of my own father, who is my hero and taught me so much about life. I can't wait for Anthony to share all of his knowledge, love and fun as a devoted dad.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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