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Emily & Anthony

We have so much we would like to share with a child: family, friends, a wonderful home, good careers and love.

Hello, we are Emily and Anthony. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope that by looking at our photographs and reading about our lives, you'll find comfort in knowing that our hearts are full of love, and that we're ready to make your child the center of our universe!

We want to share our love, happiness and success with another living being. We have a spacious home, a large close family, supportive friends and lots of kindness and understanding to give. Please read our profile and, if you like, send us a message . We are happy to share more about ourselves and our plans to provide for your child as a member of our family.

Even though we don't know you yet, it's clear that you're creating a plan rooted in love and courage and that you're trying to make the best decision for your child. And for that, we have a great amount of respect for you. We cannot truly understand everything you are feeling right now; we can only try to understand the difficulty in the choices that lie ahead for you. Please think of us as friends that you can confide in.

Emily & Anthony

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Who We Are

We are both working professionals in the film and television industry.

Emily is an award-winning television news executive.

Anthony is a film producer on major motion pictures.

We are in a great position to provide and care for a child together. We can provide a loving home, full of joy and wonderful discovery.

We really want to be parents and we're hoping to welcome a child into our hearts and home, so that we can shower that baby with love and affection. If you choose us, you will know with certainty that we will provide for every aspect of your baby's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being each and every day. We will love your baby unconditionally and make your baby the center of our world.

We met at a birthday party for a mutual friend of ours and hit if off immediately. Soon afterward we began to work on a movie together. It was on that film that we became great friends. We had many things in common and a mutual respect for one another grew. We became each other's best friends.

Through sharing our thoughts with one another we realized we had the same hopes and dreams of being in a committed relationship and having a family. We decided to get married and have been happily married now for eight years.

As soon as we got married, we moved in together and began trying to get pregnant. As it turned out, having our own child wasn't as easy as we thought it was going to be. After trying for several years and after having several miscarriages, it started to become clear that Emily was not meant to carry a baby. However, we never lost our dream of having a family.

We realized that our dream was to devote ourselves to a child and we didn't need a biological connection to the child to become a family.

There was no question in our mind that adoption would be the answer to making that dream come true.

We believe that to have a child to love and share all of our good fortune with is why we have been put in the situation we are in. We feel that adoption is meant to be.


We plan to provide a home that is kind, supportive and caring. We hope to be good role models and teach independence and above all, happiness. We want to provide every opportunity to learn and grow and experience life, but most of all, we want him or her to feel loved. We want to love your child with all of our hearts and always let them know that they are safe. We think this will encourage him or her to explore new things with confidence.

We want to give him or her the freedom to pursue their dreams, starting at a young age. Whether its sports or art or dance or whatever they may choose. We will support them in their choices and guide them when they need it.

We will play and travel and learn and also teach them. We want your child to feel secure so that they can "be a kid" and not have to worry about the world too soon.

As they get older, we will help them with their homework and listen to their problems and needs. We will be their friends as well as their parents. As a family we will support one another and respect the fact that although we are all individuals, we are also part of a team, and that team is our family.
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At the Broadway Musical “West Side Story” tonight.  Lot’s of excited teens in the audience.  We would love to bring a child to the theater to experience the magic!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Emily & Anthony

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Emily & Anthony