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Some things in life are just meant to be. That is the way I felt when I adopted my son in 2012. Being blessed with my son made me realize what an incredibly SELFLESS act it is when a woman chooses to give life to a child. My son has enhanced my world in ways that I did not believe were possible. He makes the sun shine brighter not only to me, but to my entire family as well(& he knows it:)! He is cherished. I am so excited to again share this love & opportunity with another baby!

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photo of adoptive family's home I live on the property I grew up on & never left! I re-built my home from scratch when I was 26 & made an apt for mom. I couldn’t be any luckier with the relationship we formed through his school & sports related activities. I am fortunate to have a very close family that is very involved. I have the same amazing friends since I was in grammar school that we consider the “family we chose”.Now my son’s friends parents are my new besties & we do everything together, which makes it fun for all. I live 5 min from my job so I am able to volunteer often for events at my son’s school. Life is good:)!

About Lucy Mel

It may sound corny, but I always knew I wanted to adopt. When I was a little girl, I saw a movie about adoption & it touched me so deeply that I knew it was something I was supposed to do. Always wanting to be a mom, I did think that I would try to have one biologically too. I then became a counselor for children from all different backgrounds. Knowing how difficult it was to adopt, I started the process at age 30. I was by far the youngest person looking to adopt. Often people adopt as an alternative option. For me that was not the case. Adoption to me was the only option that made sense. I am a counselor at a high school for the last 18 years. Love my job! Home by 2:45, get my son off the bus at 3:45 & then my day really begins. LOL He is a major sports junkie & now so am I. Whether we are practicing for a sport (lacrosse,basketball or flag),or cheering him on from the sideline, we are enjoying every precious moment. Weekends are always fun consisting of playdates, & spending time with family & friends. Sun is always a fam funday where the theme revolves around food! We usually spend vacations at the beach in summer & on the slopes in the winter. We live everyday to the fullest!

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Lucy Mel

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