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We were married in 2013, surrounded by our friends, family and favorite local band. We met in Palm Springs, Trey was on a golf trip with the boys and Jamie was spending a relaxing weekend away with the girls. At the time, Jamie was training for a marathon and met her friends for dinner after a long training run. She obviously had no intentions of meeting her future husband. Despite her sweaty braid and make-up-free face, Trey struck up a conversation. We joke that he got a glimpse of the “real Jamie” early on ... and the rest was history! Our marriage is built on deep love and mutual respect for one another. Over our time together WE’VE LEARNED WE CAN COUNT ON EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS OUR WAY. Marriage and parenthood are not always easy, but we’ve learned to work together and trust each other, and we would not want to navigate this crazy journey of life with anyone else! Above all else, quality time together is so important to us. We pride ourselves on being able to make family dinners at the table a priority each night. Jamie enjoys cooking healthy meals and does her best to prepare dinner for the family nightly. Weekends typically include lazy mornings with good coffee and cooking breakfast – Trey's specialty. After which we usually head out for a walk around the local lake, to the beach, the pool, to grandma and grandpa’s or to meet up with friends – many of which also have young children. We enjoy taking trips together and look forward to doing so as a family. We love to visit new cities, where Trey likes to catch a baseball game or Jamie tries to see a theatre production. We both love to wander around, explore the sights and enjoy trying out the local cuisine.

We are a very active family, we love to be outdoors, to run, paddle board, kayak, hike or just picnic outside. But, we also enjoy every opportunity to cozy up at home and settle into one of our favorite Netflix series. We want to encourage our children to play outside, to explore and to find activities that inspire them. But most importantly, to enjoy quality time with family!

Our Home

We live in Orange County California. We purchased our home in 2017. It was a quick decision, not just because of the home but because we immediately fell in love
with our neighborhood. WE LIVE IN A BEAUTIFUL, FRIENDLY AND FAMILY-ORIENTED COMMUNITY. Every Fourth of July all of the neighbors bring out their ‘Eazy-Up’ tents and line the street for a day of games, socializing, swimming, barbecuing and the infamous chili cook off! Once the sun goes down, we all watch the incredible firework show that can be seen from our front yard. Every Christmas, the block is lit with lights and festive with holiday decorations. Kids take their bikes on a parade to view all the lights and neighbors line the streets with lumineers to “guide Santa during the night.” We love that we have these special traditions in our community.
Local schools, both private and public are top rated and offer opportunities for students with all interests. Jamie has a particular passion for education and looks forward to helping support Tanner and our future child with school work and projects and to volunteer in their classroom.One of our favorite places in our home is our dining room, which opens up to the living room and fireplace. This is where we host friends and family, set up our Christmas tree and hang birthday banners. Trey’s favorite comfy leather chair is seated by the window, this is where he likes to read and relax with Tanner. We also love spending time together in Tanner’s room, especially during bedtime routine and for playtime when Dad gets home from work. We love books and enjoy story time before bed each night! We look forward to lovingly decorating another nursery and to welcoming another sweet child into our cozy home.

About Trey on Jamie

Jamie is very intelligent and beautiful inside and out. Jamie is extremely organized and I have no doubt in my mind she will be great at juggling getting our children ready for school and to all of their extra-curricular activities. Jamie is nurturing, loving, outgoing and great with kids.She has a passion for education and I know she will be there to support our future child with class projects and homework. Jamie has a background in counseling and education, she recently left her career as an assistant principal to stay at home with Tanner.SHE PLANS TO CONTINUE TO STAY HOME WHILE OUR FAMILY IS YOUNG. Jamie is adventurous and enjoys her time outside whether it’s at the beach, paddle boarding, running, picnicking or going to
the park. Jamie inspires me daily, when she sets her mind to something, nothing can stop her. I admire the fact that she has completed five marathons and counting, and has two Master's degrees in education. Jamie is a wonderful mother, she constantly puts her family’s needs above her own and never complains. SHE IS SO HAPPY BEING A MOM AND CARING FOR THOSE SHE LOVES. I LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING HER LOVINGLY EMBRACE ANOTHER CHILD INTO OUR FAMILY.

About Jamie on Trey

Trey's motto is "Life is washable," meaning, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” He has a way of focusing on what is important in life and letting little things that don’t matter roll off his shoulders. Trey has a wonderful laid-back outlook on life. He is fun-loving,
caring and kind. He is an extremely hard worker and he loves his job! Trey is Vice
President for a regional insurance brokerage. Trey is a great provider for us, and I know he will continue to work hard for our family as it grows. Beneath Trey’s responsible exterior, he has a silly, goofy side. He is the best at making Tanner belly laugh with his funny faces and voices. Trey has always been athletic, he loves to watch all sports, especially Dodgers baseball. He played catcher on his college baseball team, and he still plays softball, loves to golf, and enjoys doing CrossFit workouts. Trey is an incredible role model and I am so proud to have Trey as an example for both Tanner and our future child!

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Jamie & Trey

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