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Jamie & Trey

Dear Birth Mother,

We know this is a tough decision for you and no matter what you decide, we admire your strength and bravery in making the best choice for your child. Starting a family has always been a dream of ours. We found out early on in our marriage that our journey to parenthood would be different than most. So, we began trying to start our family through adoption. We had our hearts set and were so excited about the path we had chosen. There is a saying, “God laughs when you make plans.” Sure enough, in 2017, we were blessed by a very unlikely pregnancy and the arrival of our son, Tanner. Tanner has brought us endless happiness and has given our lives new purpose. We feel so incredibly grateful to have him, yet we still feel our family is incomplete. In looking forward, we know that we won’t be able to conceive again. In light of that, it was an easy decision to start the adoption process once more. We put our dream to adopt on hold while we got settled with Tanner, but adoption has always been on our hearts. Now that Tanner is in our lives, it only confirms our desire to expand our family in this way. We love being parents and we look forward to welcoming another child into our loving home.

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Who We Are

We were married in 2013, surrounded by our friends, family and favorite local band. We met in Palm Springs, Trey was on a golf trip with the boys and Jamie was spending a relaxing weekend away with the girls. At the time, Jamie was training for a marathon and met her friends for dinner after a long training run. She obviously had no intentions of meeting her future husband. Despite her sweaty braid and make-up-free face, Trey struck up a conversation. We joke that he got a glimpse of the “real Jamie” early on ... and the rest was history! Our marriage is built on deep love and mutual respect for one another. Over our time together WE’VE LEARNED WE CAN COUNT ON EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS OUR WAY. Marriage and parenthood are not always easy, but we’ve learned to work together and trust each other, and we would not want to navigate this crazy journey of life with anyone else! Above all else, quality time together is so important to us. We pride ourselves on being able to make family dinners at the table a priority each night. Jamie enjoys cooking healthy meals and does her best to prepare dinner for the family nightly. Weekends typically include lazy mornings with good coffee and cooking breakfast – Trey's specialty. After which we usually head out for a walk around the local lake, to the beach, the pool, to grandma and grandpa’s or to meet up with friends – many of which also have young children. We enjoy taking trips together and look forward to doing so as a family. We love to visit new cities, where Trey likes to catch a baseball game or Jamie tries to see a theatre production. We both love to wander around, explore the sights and enjoy trying out the local cuisine.

We are a very active family, we love to be outdoors, to run, paddle board, kayak, hike or just picnic outside. But, we also enjoy every opportunity to cozy up at home and settle into one of our favorite Netflix series. We want to encourage our children to play outside, to explore and to find activities that inspire them. But most importantly, to enjoy quality time with family!

Adoption Diary


I’m usually the one behind the camera. Scrambling as fast as I can to capture all the sweet family memories we are making.

I realize any birth mother would want to see more of me, with my family, so I’ll try to do better! And I’m always happy to answer any questions via the messaging/email function, etc.

So here I am, with my boys, no make-up and a post jog pony tail.

Along with many, we are currently on quarantine… while I’m doing my best to keep as much of our routine the same- make up and real clothes have taken a backseat to backyard picnics and hours of crafts and play dough.

It’s a scary time, we are doing our best to stay positive, keep Tanner safe and ourselves sane! We are worried about the future, and missing our friends and family; As I am sure many others are.

Whomever may be reading this- we are keeping you in our prayers and good thoughts. We hope you are doing ok. This is an uncertain time… We think about the future of our family often, and know that for a birth mother who is considering adoption at this time, that there are even more added stressors. Please know we care… and for lack of better words, stay strong and hang in there!!!

Cousins Part 2

Just had to share a picture of these 4 kiddos! Love the fun they have!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jamie & Trey

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Jamie & Trey