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Our Story

We met in Germany almost 8 years ago and it was an instant connection. We fell in love with each other and started combining our lives from the beginning. Helge was living in Switzerland and Lawrence was in Washington, D.C. Helge flew from Switzerland 20 times the first year to visit Lawrence because Lawrence couldn't take much vacation at the time. Both of us share a love for children and a desire to adopt. This was one of the things that strengthened our connection early on - we both believe we were meant to be dads!

Our Home

Helge and Lawrence call Washington, D.C. home. Lawrence moved to Washington 20 years ago from New York to start a job with the Department of State. Helge is a nurse and has been working in hospitals for over 20 years.

They have lived in Europe and Africa with Lawrence's work and also have homes in Europe and Africa and love to spend time with family and friends and travel.

Helge is an avid gardener and is very outdoorsy so he likes to hike and spend time in nature. He grew up in the Black Forest in Germany and loves to learn about plants and animals in his spare time.

Lawrence likes to cook and entertain and Helge makes beautiful flower arrangements. They often have people over for dinner and host holiday parties and don't miss an opportunity to celebrate with friends - birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and any reason to get together and enjoy life!

About Lawrence

Lawrence grew up in public housing in Boston but had loving parents who told him anything was possible. He believed them and has been really blessed professionally and financially. His mother passed away 10 years ago and he calls her his "guardian angel." She gave them so much love and protection as children and is still doing that from heaven.

His father is from Philadelphia and so Lawrence spent summers growing up with his grandmother and father's family in Philly. He loves going to visit his 90 year old grandmother.

As a child, Lawrence dreamed of seeing the world and serving his country. His work with the State Department has allowed him to do that. He has worked in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Along the way he also had a chance to work for Secretaries of State Rice, Clinton, and Kerry. For a boy from the projects in Boston - that's a good run.

He has been blessed with many loving friends and family members and he shows his appreciation to them through cooking delicious meals as often as possible. He can't wait to cook for a baby and prepare fun parties for his child.

About Helge

Helge has been a nurse for over 20 years and absolutely loves his work. he likes helping people and making them comfortable.

He is very close to his family and they live in Europe so we spend a lot of time int he summer at our vacation home in Greece. His sister Carmen loves the sea and owns a boat so we often spend summers sailing on her boat.

Love is Helge's favorite word and he LOVES his family. They are very important to him and he speaks with his sister and his parents everyday. They are so excited about the possibility of being grandparents and an aunt and have already started buying books for the baby and thinking about fun activities to do with the child.

Helge grew up in a very warm and loving family and can't wait to share that same warmth with a child.

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Lawrence and Helge

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Lawrence and Helge