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Crusts for Sale

Here’s a pretty good window into our lives, courtesy of today’s Facebook Memories:


Our girls came up with a good idea this morning.

Tessie: Let’s sell crusts!  We can make money for our piggy banks.

Joanna: Yeah, crusts!  We can make lots and lots of signs.

Me (Adam): Hmm, is that because you don’t like crust on your bread, but you think other people will?

Tessie: Yeah!!

Me (raining on the parade):  Not sure about that.  Have you ever seen people buying crusts, just crusts?
Tessie: No.  That’s why it’s a good idea we came up with.

Me (more raining): I know ducks like bread crust, but I’m pretty sure people don’t as much.

Tess: Yes they do.  And we’ll give a little crumb to a duck every time someone buys some crust from us.

Me: Maybe not today.

[Joanna and Tessie, undeterred, start drawing pictures of crust and lettering posters to the best of their abilities]

Me (giving in and getting two pieces of bread): Fine, but you’ll need to wash your hands first.

Both girls hang up signs in the backyard, run to wash their hands, grab two ziplock bags and return to package their bread.  Joanna immediately tries to eat the raisins out of her crust.

Tessie: Joanna, you can’t lick the bread! Now we can’t sell that!

After fifteen minutes of yelling “crusts and bread for sale!” with zero passersby, the girls request that Mommy drive them through the neighborhood with windows down, music on, and Joanna singing, “please, it’s my favorite food!”

Joanna: I hope I can remember the words.

Tessie: We need to tell Mommy to wake up so she can drive us around and sell crusts and bread.
Erin, you up yet?  Time to start our new family business.

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