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Erin & Adam

Hello! We're Erin and Adam.


It's hard to know how to begin a conversation like this, since we haven't yet met. But we believe adoption is about relationship. So, in this space, we would like to help you get to know us. We'll open up to you - and share glimpses into our everyday life - through our photos and Adoption Diary. We'll do our best to show you not just our "best" selves, but our *real* selves.

If you feel comfortable reaching out to us, we would love to begin a conversation.

Adam and Erin

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Who We Are

Our home is lively and playful.

If you came to visit, you'd likely find T and J (ages 7 and 5) sending their Barbies down a homemade zipline and giggling about poop. (A popular topic these days!).

You'd find Lewis, our pup, snoozing in Erin's lap, or maybe being read to by one of the kids. Jiji and Toby, our two cats, would probably be napping on our bed or riding on Adam's shoulders. (Our box turtle would likely be sunning himself and ignoring us.)

We care about being good neighbors - not only chatting with folks we see around, but also coming alongside our BIPOC neighbors, sending cards to people who are sick, advocating for the full inclusion of our LGBTQ+ loved ones, and sending thank-you notes to our kids' bus drivers and teachers.

We love and follow Jesus.

Our youngest child will have:
Unconditional love,
Experienced parents,
Big sisters who are endless love and entertainment,
A dad who tells epic bedtime stories,
A mom who treasures quiet moments one-on-one,
And birthparent(s) who are absolutely welcome in their - and our family's - life.

It would be an honor to get to know you. <3

Adoption Diary

Crusts for Sale

Here’s a pretty good window into our lives, courtesy of today’s Facebook Memories:


Our girls came up with a good idea this morning.

Tessie: Let’s sell crusts!  We can make money for our piggy banks.

Joanna: Yeah, crusts!  We can make lots and lots of signs.

Me (Adam): Hmm, is that because you don’t like crust on your bread, but you think other people will?

Tessie: Yeah!!

Me (raining on the parade):  Not sure about that.  Have you ever seen people buying crusts, just crusts?
Tessie: No.  That’s why it’s a good idea we came up with.

Me (more raining): I know ducks like bread crust, but I’m pretty sure people don’t as much.

Tess: Yes they do.  And we’ll give a little crumb to a duck every time someone buys some crust from us.

Me: Maybe not today.

[Joanna and Tessie, undeterred, start drawing pictures of crust and lettering posters to the best of their abilities]

Me (giving in and getting two pieces of bread): Fine, but you’ll need to wash your hands first.

Both girls hang up signs in the backyard, run to wash their hands, grab two ziplock bags and return to package their bread.  Joanna immediately tries to eat the raisins out of her crust.

Tessie: Joanna, you can’t lick the bread! Now we can’t sell that!

After fifteen minutes of yelling “crusts and bread for sale!” with zero passersby, the girls request that Mommy drive them through the neighborhood with windows down, music on, and Joanna singing, “please, it’s my favorite food!”

Joanna: I hope I can remember the words.

Tessie: We need to tell Mommy to wake up so she can drive us around and sell crusts and bread.
Erin, you up yet?  Time to start our new family business.

How We Got Here

(A picture by Tess. One of the many drawings our kids have made, of our whole family - newest member already included!)

Good morning. Erin here.

When I was a little girl, I daydreamed about what my family would look like when I grew up: and I always imagined raising both biological and adopted children. It was a dream that I held onto - that held onto me - even into adulthood.

Imagine my surprise and delight when - early in our dating relationship - Adam shared that he had always hoped to grow a family through adoption!

So for us, it wasn’t ever really a matter of *if* we would adopt, but *when.*

Adoption was actually our first choice. We wanted a child who came into our family through adoption to know that they were just as wanted as our kids by birth. We wanted them to know they were never a second choice. So, exactly one year after we were married, we reached out to a local agency to learn about the process of adoption. We had our first appointment with a social worker on the calendar - and then found out we were pregnant.

Tess came along quickly, and Joanna not long after. They are a delight to us! But the pregnancies were complicated and increasingly high-risk, for me and the babies. Our medical team advised what had already become clear to us - it would be too risky to have any more children by birth.

After Joanna was born, I had surgery to make me infertile. Of course there is an element of grief in knowing that that door is closed for good; but there has been absolutely no regret. Not even a hint of it.

Here’s what’s amazing: All of those complications and risks in pregnancy have added up to feel like confirmation to us. I don’t quite know how to explain it except to say that those childhood dreams…the risky pregnancies…the hopes…they all fit. Or, to use another analogy: they’re all like sign posts, leading us…here. Where we dreamt of being for almost our whole lives.

Our family feels almost complete. But as our family looks around the table, plays family games, and gives hugs and kisses goodnight, we all feel the space our hearts are holding for the one who is yet to come.

In your own hopes, dreams, visions, and plans - love, strength, and peace to you. <3

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Erin & Adam

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