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We met on Match.com (in 2005) before online dating was "in"! At the time, Tim was living in Minneapolis and I was living in the Chicago suburbs. Tim always likes to describe the beginnings of our relationship as "old-fashioned" despite how met. This is because we spent the first five weeks emailing almost daily. We would write each other and then the other person would respond in sort of a Q&A format. We learned so much about each other. We were both ready to meet "the one" and this translated to us being very honest and direct with one another. We met up one fateful weekend in Madison, WI and have been together ever since! We were married in 2006 and had our son in 2007 and then our daughter in 2012. Life hasn't always been easy, but we are a solid team that has similar values and goals. Politically we are both liberal. While Tim and I were both raised Catholic (he was actually an alter boy:-), we don't attend church regularly. However, at dinner each night we, along with our kids thank "our great spirit" for our meal and all of life's blessings. Our daughter enjoys attending a weekly bible camp at a local church. We have been seeking a local congregation to join more for the sense of community it would bring vs. the religious education.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a small community (about 3,500 people) that is noted for its natural beauty (bluffs, lakes, & hiking abound); it's located about 30 minutes away from our state capital. We benefit from the rural, peaceful nature of our town, while still being close to all the city has to offer. Our community is very safe and the schools are fantastic. Our home was built before the Civil War and has lots of quirks and personality! We have some really great neighbors and friends that we socialize with and that we can count in if we need them.

About What I love about Tim...

I always describe Tim as a modern-day renaissance man. He is able to fix pretty much anything, but is also extremely creative and artistic. He has a wonderful singing voice, makes beautiful sketches, and is always up for a good laugh. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and family and is able to both feel and show his emotions openly. He has so many hobbies...fishing (all seasons!), gardening, hunting, beekeeping, tinkering, building, coaching our kids' sports teams...

Nature couldn't have a better friend than Tim. Through his work as a landscape architect, he uses his creative talents, and love of the earth to make the world a greener and healthier place. I am lucky to call him my husband and best friend.

About What I love about Sarah...

Since the very beginning of our relationship Sarah has inspired my Love and Devotion through her many attributes that simply make Sarah a high quality person.
Sarah's love and commitment to Family is top of the list, she has always made family her first priority. Whether it's guiding and teaching our children as they grow, or making time to travel to Illinois on a regular basis to spend time with her 91 yr old grandmother and extended family. Family comes first.
Another reason Sarah has inspired my love and admiration is her drive and dedication to her work with students guiding them on their academic and life path and the university where she works. She has a unique ability to bring people of diverse cultures and backgrounds together through the events she plans and coordinates. I Love how comfortable she is with herself and others in large group situations or one on one, Sarah has an ability to make people gravitate to her sincerity.
Ultimately, I could go on and on about my love for Sarah, my wife of 13+ years, mother to our children, and my best friend. What it boils down to is that Sarah is a very dynamic, adventurous, fun loving, caring and compassionate person. Sarah has a love of music, travel, and culture. As well as family snuggle time. All of this and so much more are the reasons why I Love Sarah and why I am so very lucky to share this adventure called "Life" with her, always.

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Tim and Sarah

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Tim and Sarah