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Almost fifteen years ago, when we were in our 20's, we both were comfortable in our jobs and our apartments. We had already each taken the difficult journey in coming out and had the very normal experience of being in relationships that weren't the right ones. We discovered each other on a dating website, when we both were looking to see who else from our high schools turned out to be gay (its true...we did this). We found each other and reached out, having remembered each other from high School. Jen, a year older, was an all-star soccer player and I, Anya- the one who we decided should do the writing- was both a huge nerd and the token "class-clown". We didn't hang out in high school, in case you haven't guessed!

We decided to meet up and the first thing we noticed is how much we both had grown, how different we looked and, of course, how nervous we were that we were staring into the eyes of someone so perfect. That's right: we knew the moment we met that the eyes we were looking into were the ones we were meant to look at for eternity. It sounds cliche, but its true. One date was all it took. Fifteen years later, we are a married couple who still look at each other and get butterflies in our stomachs.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a wonderful town that offers a lot of opportunity and culture. We actually chose to settle here BECAUSE of the outstanding and competitive school district! We believe that the quality of education that our child receives is extremely important. Our town is bustling with artists, restaurants and activities.

Our family also owns a lake house which we use in the summers to get closer to nature. We own a boat and jet skis, which we get great use out of. We are excited to bring our child up to the lake with us over the summers and play with their future cousins!

About Jen

Hi! It's Anya! I'd like to write about Jen and she'd like to write about me, so here we go....

Jen is the strongest, most loyal, most loving person I have ever met. Children and animals love her as soon as they see her. I'm not kidding! They have an instinct about her, which is completely on point. Her love, kindness and open mind exudes from her. She gives all that she has to others. I often find my wife cooking extra meals for older people in need or for people who are alone on the holidays. She values kindness and giving beyond anything else. She is my rock. Jen never overreacts or overthinks. She lives in the moment and embraces all the joys that life has to offer. Everyone who meets her, loves her.

Jen has spent her life giving to others. She makes sure to make me feel loved and beautiful every day. She puts others first, always. She is physically and mentally strong beyond words. She is by nature a protector of all living things.

Nothing brings me more joy than the sound of my wife's laugh. If every person could find a partner like mine, its cliche to say it, but the the world would be a better place. i hope that you get a chance to meet her! You will IMMEDIATELY see what I do every day: an angelic, kind, strong, loyal woman who adds light to every moment she is in.

About Anya

Hello, it's Jen! Out of the two of us, Anya is definitely the "writer" so please bear with me! Anya is the kindest, funniest person I've ever met. Every time she is surrounded by people, they are laughing, as they should be! Her students and their parents absolutely adore her. I cannot even begin to explain how many lives she has changed in her classroom. Anya stands by me through all of life's ups and downs, every single day. She is an activist both professionally and personally. She has so much passion! She is an incredible musician. Anya is the love of my life. No one will make a better parent than her. I know that her students, our families and our friends agree with this. Our future child's life will be filled with education, music and laughter. Its so hard to put into words how amazing she is. Only those who know her could possibly understand. My wife is my world.

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