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If you are reading this and seeking a loving home for a child, please stay for a moment and let us introduce ourselves! We are Anya and Jen and we are beyond excited and grateful to begin our journey as future mothers. As a teacher and a godmother to a young niece, with both understand that the decision ahead of you is not an easy one to make. We are thankful that your instincts have brought you to our page and we would like to quickly describe us in hopes that you will choose to reach out to us!

We are a couple who values love, laughter, family and hope. Our hearts are by far our biggest assets. Our home is always filled with laughter and comfort. Our friends and family look to us to be that "go-to" couple who will be there for them and their children at a moments notice, with no questions asked. It is our life's dream to have a child of our own, whom we can share our love. As a gay couple, we cannot biologically create our own child. We believe that this is a gift, as our future child will be one who needs a loving home and family who want nothing more than to be complete.

It isn't easy to describe yourself in words on a website, as I'm sure you know! We are asking that any birth mother who is searching for a stable and loving home, reach out to us and get to know us! Whoever ends up choosing us will be making the best possible decision for a future soul if they believe that what makes life wonderful is the warmth that can only come from the hearts of two devoted parents.

Thank you for reading this! If you choose to reach out to us, we are ready! If not, we wish you good health and peace on your journey through your pregnancy.

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Who We Are

Almost fifteen years ago, when we were in our 20's, we both were comfortable in our jobs and our apartments. We had already each taken the difficult journey in coming out and had the very normal experience of being in relationships that weren't the right ones. We discovered each other on a dating website, when we both were looking to see who else from our high schools turned out to be gay (its true...we did this). We found each other and reached out, having remembered each other from high School. Jen, a year older, was an all-star soccer player and I, Anya- the one who we decided should do the writing- was both a huge nerd and the token "class-clown". We didn't hang out in high school, in case you haven't guessed!

We decided to meet up and the first thing we noticed is how much we both had grown, how different we looked and, of course, how nervous we were that we were staring into the eyes of someone so perfect. That's right: we knew the moment we met that the eyes we were looking into were the ones we were meant to look at for eternity. It sounds cliche, but its true. One date was all it took. Fifteen years later, we are a married couple who still look at each other and get butterflies in our stomachs.

Adoption Diary

Hello, Michigan!

I see we have a new like from Michigan! We love that state! Thank you! <3

From Grandma

Dear Little Boy or Little Girl,

Not only will you have two wonderful mothers,but you will also have two very loving grandparents. We have been waiting for you forever,it seems,and have so many surprises waiting for you!

Your Grandma’s stories,perfect for bedtime,some of the best about Sammy the Squirrel and The Impatient Little Firefly. When you sleep over you can look forward to hearing them and also to being tucked into a warm,cozy bed with hugs and kisses to let you know how much you are loved.
In the morning you can enjoy Grandpa’s special pancakes and magical cocoa. Sleepovers will be so much fun!

We have so many things for you to have fun with. Big wooden blocks,things to make music with, a new box of Crayolas and a basket full
of sock monkeys!
And books,books and more books!
Most of all though, we have saved up two lifetimes worth of love,one from each of us.

You will always have us just a few minutes from your home,to laugh with,to get hugs from and above all to love you completely. We already do!
We cannot wait to meet you and to show you how special it is to have grandparents to make memories with.

And when we get to meet you, we will do a happy dance! You are truly a dream to come true!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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