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Trying to find the light

I can’t believe my last two entires revolved around the current crisis…and I thought it would be getting better. It’s not. So I decided for the month of April I would find or do something every day to bring a moment of light into my heart. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing one of my face masks, or taking time to color in one of my favorite coloring books. Last night I cocooned myself in an old sweatshirt to see if I could fit. It worked! Read more »

Groundhog Day

It’s not really Groundhog Day but it may as well be! For the past week I have only gone out to visit my restaurants to ensure my staff is safe and has everything they need. Other than that I’m home! My meals are getting repetitive, I like omelettes and soup but…. I miss seeing my family and friends- a lot of Read more »

Staying Safe/Effects of Coronavirus

By now everyone seems to know the impact & seriousness of Covid-19. Here in New York, we are taking every precaution to stay safe & not spread the virus. As a restaurant owner, I am so proud of my teams for showing up to serve the community. For the first time they are considered essential & part of the community Read more »

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

So no real celebrating today. I was happy to hear that my parents had the traditional corned beef dinner. My broccoli was green and my sweet potato was - a potato! Read more »

Shen Yun!

For years my family has seen commercials for Shen Yun! So today I drove my parents to Lincoln Center to see the matinee. The dancing was outstanding. I couldn’t even walk next to these talented people without looking like a weird awkward bird! The orchestra was on point! Really happy we got this off our bucket list! Read more »

My buddy Steven

I’m in Atlanta today for a business meeting. Not the most fun I’ve had. Sitting in a room watching presentation after presentation can be a snooze fest! But my friend Steven always makes them a little easier to tolerate! Read more »

Wow wind!!

Today I woke up and Long Island was gorgeous with the sun shining bright light down on us. Then I went outside and got hit with wind gusts, blowing the scrunchie right out of my hair! Good bye pony tail. Today reminds me of a day I went to the beach in October. So in honor of the wind and TBT, I give you this gem of a pic! Read more »

Choir obsession!

Man do I love to sing! As a kid I could be found singing to customers in the grocery store. My poor mother! So it made total sense that I went to college for music! Even though I ended up in a different career path, I still sing regularly. I sing in my church choir, perform in musicals at local theaters, and sing in a Read more »

a better closet

Yesterday my parents and amazing uncle came over my house to do a few home projects. Everyone can benefit from a little help every once in a while! One of the things we did was put cubbies in the guest room closet. It is really wide with just a long shelf and bar going across the top. Now it has the shelf with two bars on Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love makes a family and there is plenty in my heart to give and share with a child! So on Valentine’s Day I celebrate LOVE in every form. Today, I’ll continue to focus my energy and love on my future family-xo Read more »

HR day!

Today I’m in New Jersey to attend a meeting on Human Resources and ethical business practices. I finally have my company developed enough that I got to bring two staff members with me! Ensuring my staff is treated with respect and consistency is so important. This day of learning how to up our game and how to utilize the Read more »

Hemp oil for my cat?

So my tuxedo cat Lily is obsessed with cleaning herself. She is 12 and even as a kitten was constantly making sure her fur was shiny and soft. Now that she is older, I’ve noticed that she is getting a few spots with less fur! I don’t have the heart to tell her that her kitty butt is going bald! I had the vet come to rule Read more »

They’re back!

Even as an adult, I still miss my parents when they go away! Now that they are “retired” I want them to make many more great memories and also get some traveling in now- before we expand our family! Both of my parents are so excited to become grandparents and they are going to ROCK IT!!! Read more »

Home photos/I love yard sales!

I noticed that a lot of profiles on this site have photos of their home. I’m not sure if they are helpful or decide if I would be the best adoptive parent for your baby. BUT! I am not be the judge of what is or is not important-you are! So I put a few photos up to show my sense of style when it comes to domestic life! Read more »

I’m not a Star Wars Geek but…

...I have seen most of the Star Wars movies & to be honest it’s never been my “thing”. The original three films from the 70’s were on weekend TV when I was growing up in the 80’s so the character I knew were C3PO, R2D2, Jaba the Hut .... and Yoda. Then a few months ago I kept seeing these Read more »

Surreality (yes I know that’s not an actual word lol)

When I told my family that I was going become an adoptive parent, they were so excited and could not wait to expand our loving family! But where to start? What were the steps, what was required, how do people find out? So many questions! My attorney lead the way in showing me how other families found success and to ensure I Read more »


Long Island is getting soaked with down pours all day! It has been the perfect time to catch up with mail and laundry! One day, when I am a mom, this will be the kind of day when we color, do puzzles and learn how to cook! I cannot wait to create fun memories with a family and a child to share these moments with! Read more »

Corporate Crack Down!

Today there is a full blown six hour inspection at one of my restaurants! We are graded on Cleanliness Quality & Service…I love being a business owner- but still held accountable for how we operate on the daily! Very proud of my team. They prepared so well and we are getting lots of compliments from our grader! Read more »

Warning!!! Self care ahead!

My favorite “at home spa moment” is putting on a clay mask while cooking dinner. I have been known to scare visitors who aren’t prepared and I’ve had no shame in letting everyone see me! Last night I used a dark charcoal mask. Here’s a photo for way back Wednesday, when I snapped a pic for Friday Read more »

A downloadable profile

A downloadable profile was added to my page! I’m not sure how critical it is to have one lol…My dear friend Mia put it together for me. She is also the adoptive mommy to the beautiful boy I am holding in my Diary photo & Family Album. She has been such a help and a true example of the support I have in my Read more »

Finally winter!

The start of January was like spring in New York. This weekend we finally had some more snow and freezing temps! I will enjoy it for about a week lol! Read more »

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