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Hi! I'm Elisa. Thank you for taking time to read my profile & considering me as an adoptive parent for your baby.

I have always wanted to have a family & be a mom! Caring for my friends, family & pets is great, but I felt there was more to GIVE. So I learned all I could about adoption & decided it was the right choice for me! My focus will be forever on the special child who is in my care. I am absolutely open to all types of relationships between an expectant mother, her baby & myself. I promise to be a supportive & nurturing parent- & sometimes silly!

My favorite memories from childhood were playing games with my family-Password, Boggle, Frisbee, croquet. My parents were smart to realize when kids play- they talk! So it was easy to share what was going on in my life outside of our family. Quality time offers opportunities to grow closer by sharing, listening & learning. I cannot wait to play games & create memories with a family of my own! I will make sure to teach them the classics & that I'm here to listen with unconditional love & acceptance.

There is so much affection, support & love in my heart to offer a child. Reach out to me any time with questions or to learn more about me. I hope to learn more about you & your wishes for your baby.


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I was born and raised on Long Island. My degrees are in performance and music education. Today I am a small business owner (restaurants) and perform on stage as a much loved hobby! I keep active going to the gym, yoga and tons of walks!
I live with two cats and two birds so I’m desperately outnumbered by my sweet pets! My work allows me to make my own schedule, so I am able to devote my all to raising a family. I am so excited to be involved in school activities and in the community.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love makes a family and there is plenty in my heart to give and share with a child! So on Valentine’s Day I celebrate LOVE in every form. Today, I’ll continue to focus my energy and love on my future family-xo

HR day!

Today I’m in New Jersey to attend a meeting on Human Resources and ethical business practices. I finally have my company developed enough that I got to bring two staff members with me! Ensuring my staff is treated with respect and consistency is so important. This day of learning how to up our game and how to utilize the tools out there is soooo helpful. I cannot wait to bring this information back the rest of my management team so they can improve their skills!

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Elisa Dawn

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Elisa Dawn