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Hi! I'm Elisa. Thank you for taking time to read my profile and considering me as an adoptive parent for your baby.

I have always wanted to have a family and be a mom! Caring for my friends, family and pets is great, but I felt there was more to GIVE. So I learned all I could about adoption and decided it was the right choice for me! My focus will forever be on the special child who is in my care. I am absolutely open to all types of relationships between an expectant mother, her baby and myself. I promise to be a supportive and nurturing parent- and sometimes silly!

My favorite memories from childhood were playing games with my family-Password, Boggle, Frisbee, croquet. My parents were smart to realize when kids play- they talk! So it was easy to share what was going on in my life outside of our family. Quality time offers opportunities to grow closer by sharing, listening and learning. I cannot wait to play games and create memories with a family of my own! I will make sure to teach them the classics and that I'm here to listen with unconditional love and acceptance.

There is so much affection, support and love in my heart to offer a child. Reach out to me any time with questions or to learn more about me. I hope to learn more about you and your wishes for your baby.


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Who I Am

I was born and raised on Long Island. As a kid I could be found singing to customers in the grocery store. My poor mother! I followed my passion and earned a bachelors and masters degree in Music/Ed. Today I am a small business owner (restaurants) and perform in choirs and on stage as a hobby!
I keep active going to the gym, yoga and tons of walks! I live with two cats and two birds so I’m desperately outnumbered by my sweet pets!
My work allows me to make my own schedule, so I am able to devote my all to raising a family. I am so excited to be involved in school activities and in the community.

Adoption Diary

Groundhog Day

It’s not really Groundhog Day but it may as well be! For the past week I have only gone out to visit my restaurants to ensure my staff is safe and has everything they need. Other than that I’m home! My meals are getting repetitive, I like omelettes and soup but…. I miss seeing my family and friends- a lot of FaceTime going on. Really hoping that when I’m found by the person meant to find me that this is over. But I’m ready to drove anywhere!!!

Staying Safe/Effects of Coronavirus

By now everyone seems to know the impact & seriousness of Covid-19. Here in New York, we are taking every precaution to stay safe & not spread the virus. As a restaurant owner, I am so proud of my teams for showing up to serve the community. For the first time they are considered essential & part of the community that needs to be there for people. I work along side them- at least three feet away lol!
On this flip side, court proceedings are slowed to an almost stop aside of emergency situations. My adoption attorney has told her clients to “be ready to drive!” And I am ready!! Even during this crisis I am committed to being prepared & able to take on the responsibility of being an adoptive parent.
I pray that you & your families are healthy.

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Elisa Dawn

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Elisa Dawn