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Aimee E.

Hi! I'm Aimee.

I'm single, fabulous and loving my life. I have so much love to share, that I can't wait to have a child of my own. I have loads of close friends and family who are very supportive and welcoming, and everyone is so excited for me to adopt. I have always been involved with babies and children of all ages. As a teenager, I used to babysit and was a mother's helper in the summers. Now, I teach kids how to ride a two wheeler bicycle and I also teach high school and college gym classes. I love children of all ages and can't wait to become a mom.

Fun Fact #1: I used to run a small baking business from my home, and I can't wait to be able to teach my own little one how to cook, bake, ride a bike and to share in my love for travel and just having fun.

Fun Fact #2: One of my closest friends is actually someone I used to babysit for when were younger! She's also actually the principal at one of the schools where I teach.

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I'm excited about starting a family and becoming a mom. I'm energetic, creative, athletic and upbeat. I am always positive because my life really is great.

I'm a personal trainer and I also teach indoor cycling and bootcamp classes. I teach gym classes in high school and college.

I am around children of all ages a lot of the time, whether it's in school, teaching bike lessons, baking with my friends' kids or hanging out with my friends and family who all have lots of children.

My hours are flexible so I have lot of time to devote to a child and to provide all the love, support and attention a child needs.

I love art projects, home improvement projects, cooking, baking, and doing anything creative. I knit and crochet my own sweaters and I also have many baby blankets and hats that I made just waiting for a little one to come along.

I love to travel and see different places and meet different types of people. I hope to share that love for adventure with my child. Whether it's flying to another state or country, or taking a road trip, we can find adventures wherever we go.

Not only will I try to be a positive role model, but I hope to help my child be the best she/he can be and help them shine. I hope they follow their dreams and I will do everything I can to help their dreams come true. I am very supportive and I have a very "you can do it" kind of attitude in life, which I hope to pass along.

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Aimee E.

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Aimee E.