Karen & Aaron with open hearts!

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Karen & Aaron with open hearts!

Please call us anytime day or night 844-471-7883

Nice to meet you!

We are Karen & Aaron.
Our family is ready & excited to join with you in creating a perfect adoption plan for your precious child. We know you want what is best for them and that means making a plan that honors both their needs and yours.

We offer a nurturing home full of joy, creativity, love, and devotion.

✅ We pay legal expenses
✅ We are home study approved
✅ We are hoping for an Open Adoption (including pictures, letters, social media contact, and, if possible, a yearly visit) but are also open to semi-open or closed adoption.

So, the most important question... How do we start the conversation?

You can reach us a number of ways:
> Call 844-471-7883
> Email us at KarenAaronAdopt@gmail.com
> Or send us a message right here on Adoptimist!

We're here for you.
We understand the weight of this decision.
We welcome your questions with open hearts and open minds.

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Who We Are

We are a caring and devoted couple. We met while working together in 2006. Aaron is rather shy, so I asked him for a date on New Year's Eve. Our first date was to an historic house, (I love history!). But the site was closed once we got there, so we spent a few hours walking around the gardens, talking and watching the sunset. We love traveling and every year we try to go somewhere new on vacation. Three years into dating we went to Boston for Aaron's birthday and that is when he proposed to me. I was completely surprised! But Boston holds a special place in our hearts forever as the place where our future family began. We were married in 2011 at a beautiful botanical garden. Our plan was to have an outdoor ceremony but it rained as if it were a monsoon outside. We decided to say our vows in the atrium but just as the ceremony was concluding the sun came out and lit the sky with a huge double rainbow! It was the kind of perfect moment that no one would have believed, except that we had all of our friends and family with us to remember it. There have been many more blessings throughout our life together, we sincerely hope that through adoption we can include the most important blessing of all, a little one, to fill our hearts and home.

Adoption Diary

A Bit of Good News! - Feb. 25, 2020

Today we found out that we received a grant to reimburse the cost of our Home Study! This is on top of a very productive call with the Lawyer who will be working with us on the adoption and we are feeling really great about everything! Now all we need is to be chosen by someone special to really begin this journey! We are so excited!

CPR Certified and a New Haircut! Feb. 16, 2020

This week I got re-certified in CPR and first aid.  I do it every two years as part of my job.  This year I realized that my long hair was getting in my way though, so the very next day I made an appointment to get it all cut off.  I had been growing it out for about 5 years and it was past my waist. I got it cut up to my jaw line, and was able to donate the length of it to Locks for Love.  It is a very freeing feeling. :)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Karen & Aaron with open hearts!

844-471-7883 (toll-free)

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Karen & Aaron with open hearts!