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Our Story

It is funny how similar our upbringings were. We were both born and raised in Washington state. Our parents were married within a month of each other and we were born within 6 months of each other. Our mothers even worked at the same eye clinic while we were children! We reconnected at our 10 year high school reunion where we laughed and called our mothers to talk about who we were sitting next to and how small the world is. We have now been together for almost seven years and married nearly four.

In preparation to adding a little one to our family, we have spent the last few years working hard on our home to make it ours. When we are not working on the house, we are enjoying hobbies like Cole and his motorcycle or Stephanie with her baking and cooking. Together we love taking weekend getaways to Cannon Beach. We are excited to make it a tradition to all pack up with our rain boots and head to the beach to play in the sand.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is in great neighborhood with lots of kids and fun activities hosted by the home owners every year. Some of those events include an Easter Egg Hunt with prizes, the local Fire Department brings Santa for Christmas with hot cocoa and cookies for the kids and a National Night Out with a large BBQ. We also have several common areas for people to play, a bike path and a single entry / exit to get into the neighborhood, so its very safe.

We have lived in our house for 8 years and have been working very hard on updating it room by room making it our own. In preparation for a little one, we are prepping two rooms in our house that are connected. One of the rooms will be the nursery and the connected room will be the playroom. We have completely redone the backyard; leveled it, brought in new soil and sod and had it fully fenced. All it needs now is a little one to run around and enjoy it to the fullest!

About Cole by Stephanie

With Cole, so many pieces just fell into place after we met. He brings so much to our relationship; things that complement me and together we have been able to accomplish so much. When we started dating, I knew he was "the one" right away. When you are dating, you feel as if you will never meet the right person, yet here he is.

Cole is my real life Prince Charming. He supports me in everything I do, he loves me during my highs and lows and he still surprises me with flowers. Cole has helped me accomplish my dreams. He supports me when the road to them is rocky, reminds me that I am capable and that he is always there if I fall. He is such a hard worker. I enjoy watching him work through things and new projects.

I know Cole will be the kind of father that our little one will want to grow up and be like. He is kind, strong, humble, patient and curious to always learn more. I am excited to see him as a father. I know he will be amazing.

About Stephanie by Cole

When Stephanie and I reconnected it was different; we spent our first night surrounded by friends in front of a bonfire talking until 4 in the morning. From there it went fast. I asked her out a week later and we have enjoyed spending our time together since. I fell in love with her caring and compassionate nature right from the start.

She has been called "mom" by her group of friends because of how she takes care of everybody even into adulthood. She bakes cakes for their kids, leaves holiday baskets at their doors; whatever she can do to make them feel special. She is very intelligent, quick- witted and funny. It is quite impressive to watch her work complex problems with ease. Stephanie has already shown how she will be an amazing mother through her love of helping others. We are both excited to become parents.

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Stephanie & Cole

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