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Our Journey

We have completed our home study and are working with our very warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at info@adamsromer.com. You can also visit their website at www.adamsromer.com.

Today (December 21st, 2019) we met with a licensed clinical social worker for an hour and a half who went over the adoption process and what could possibly happen. It is a lot of information and can be quite overwhelming. We know you are having many different emotions and we want to join you on your journey and get to know each other.

On an unrelated note, it’s Christmas time. We ordered a bunch of frozen pies from a bakery so the house has smelled like peach pie all week. I think we have both probably gained 20 pounds. The house smells like pie and Christmas tree and our dogs are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.
The thought of having a child in our home during the holidays to share in the magic and joy of the season with us is very exciting.

About This Diary

A little glimpse in to our life! Hopefully you find it interesting and exciting, and think about your baby being part of our family!

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