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Childhood memories

Michael grew up in Northern California,  where we both currently live. I’ve been looking in to what kind of fun, enriching things there are to do with our future child. We live relatively close to two amazing zoo’s, the Oakland Zoo and San Francisco zoo. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to see the giraffes. We also have Children’s Fairyland which is a story book theme park just for babies and toddlers.

Our local library has many programs like story time and some other creative and engaging events to socialize babies and get them started at an early age developing important social skills.

As a child my parents taught me how to swim early on by taking me to spend lessons. We plan on teaching our future child how to swim very early on so here she knows about the importance of safety around water and is able to swim .

We have so many exciting hopes and dreams for our child. Every parent wants their child to he happy and successful. We will strive to provide a nurturing, happy environment where they will learn and grow up to be a phenomenal adult.

About This Diary

A little glimpse in to our life! Hopefully you find it interesting and exciting, and think about your baby being part of our family!

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