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Alain and Dozer

Dozer (our chubby little dog) is Alain’s sidekick. He gives him treats when I’m not looking.  I know Alain is going to be an amazing Dad! Read more »

Staying busy during COVID-19

We have been working a lot lately, but during our days off we have been taking on home projects to keep busy. Right now we are cleaning out our garage and plan to build a little home gym. Fitness and health are very important to us.  We are also cleaning out all the closets, working in the yard, and most importantly- Read more »

Corona Virus

We hope whoever reads this is safe at home, practicing some self care during the Corona Virus pandemic. We are both working but definitely limiting social contact.  I have been working on some projects at home! I will share later on but let’s just say it has to do with dinosaurs and plants. Today I spent some time Read more »


Alain loves to sing to our dogs. It’s adorable. I can’t wait to see the love he will show our children. Read more »


Today we spent the day visiting with some wonderful family members. We went to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. We ate churro and got some sourdough bread. Then we went on a ferry cruise around the Golden Gate and SF Bay Bridges. It was a wonderful day! Read more »


One of Mike’s hobbies is calligraphy.  The word calligraphy means “beautiful writing”.  While it’s not perfect, it’s a very relaxing hobby and with practice I’ve gotten better over time. Read more »

New Couch

We got a new couch.  Truck is ready to relax and hang out and hopes he can do so with a human baby brother or sister soon! Read more »


My coworker stopped by with her baby yesterday. She is a beautiful little girl named Victoria.  I think one day she will be a boxer because she kept punching me in the face! Read more »

Truck’s Birthday!

Today is our Boston Terrier Truck’s 7th birthday! He got some doggie ice cream and a special dinner. (Yes, we love dogs a lot) .. we think it’s so important to have animals in the home. Read more »

Look at this view

Love the beautiful sunset from our yard tonight. Looking forward to lots of back yard playtime and fun with our child. Read more »


We live about a 10 minute walk from a elementary, middle, and high school… they share a large field where we go with the dogs all the time. There’s also a playground , sand box, and swings! Read more »

Giving back

We recently volunteered at a Meals on Wheels meal preparation event. We both grew up in families that believe in giving back to their local communities, including volunteering in soup kitchens and hospitals. That is a value we will instill in our child, to never take things for granted and to give back to those less Read more »

Little Farm

We live a quick drive to a place called Tilden Park. There they have a petting zoo - farm, two lakes, a merry go round, and a miniature train that takes you through a redwood forest. This is a picture of Alain’s sister, Jeanette.  (Her hair always looks so cool!) She is a middle school teacher and lives in the San Read more »

Back yard adventures

We have a nice size backyard. It will be a great play area for our future child. I used to LOVE playing in the sandbox as a kid. That’s something I plan on getting , a decent sized sand box and a little play house !  Here is a photo of Alain and Michael’s mom enjoying a summer day in the back yard. Read more »


We love spending time in the yard. It’s been rainy and cold but we will be in warmer weather soon . I just planted 3 Roses and I’m excited to plant some vegetables and more flowers. Our yard is always full of beautiful succulents and flowers. We also have a lime tree and in spring we will plant a new orange or Read more »

Michael’s Mom

Michael’s mom , Annemarie (but everyone calls her Anne) is so excited to be a grandma. In fact she’s been buying little teddy bear outfits and shoes . She is excited to spend time with her grandchild and spoil them as all grandma’s love to do. Read more »

Baby Jake!

Alain’s brother and his wife recently had a baby. His name is Jake! He’s 6 months and is already crawling around like a little Caterpillar. Jake is excited to have a cousin to play with and share in fun adventures together. Read more »

Alain’s Mom

Alain’s Mom is named Rosalva but goes by “Rosy”. She is a fun loving, caring person who embraces strangers as friends. She owns and runs a flower shop in her home town. She visits us regularly and whenever shes here she takes over the kitchen!  She makes the best machaca .. we have chorizo and eggs for Read more »

Childhood memories

Michael grew up in Northern California,  where we both currently live. I’ve been looking in to what kind of fun, enriching things there are to do with our future child. We live relatively close to two amazing zoo’s, the Oakland Zoo and San Francisco zoo. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to see Read more »

A Family That Exercises Together, Stays Together

As a family, we believe in staying fit and active to ensure a long and healthy life.  We enjoy spending time together by working out at the gym or going on walks with our fuzzy dogs.  We’re hoping in adding a stroller to our outside adventures, and over time, giving the chance to the new member in our family Read more »

Summer Adventures

It’s the middle of winter right now. Where we live it doesn’t get too cold but the summers are warm. We enjoy going on day trips. Last year we drove to Lake Sonoma and rented a boat. We packed a picnic and took the boat around the lake. We stopped at a few swimming holes and splashed around and then had lunch. Read more »

Our Dogs

We have two Boston Terriers and a German Shepherd. Their names are Truck,  Dozer, and Phoenix. They are loving, goofy dogs who love to play outside and relax after they play. They are sweet and gentle. We both grew up with pets, especially dogs. Our dogs are great around children and we know they’re excited to be Read more »

Seeing the World!

We love to travel around the world and experience different cultures and see all the sights the world has to offer. We are excited about taking our future children on fun and exciting trips. I am hoping our first trip with a baby will be to either Ireland or Japan! (Alain really wants to go to Japan) and I think it would be Read more »

The Bay Area

We are very fortunate to live in a culturally diverse area.  You can find food from every corner of the world in the Bay Area. I recently tried Eritrean food. (I had to look it up on a map). The San Francisco Bay Area is full of wonderful places to explore. We love going go the city. Just a few weeks ago we took BART Read more »

Sunday Mornings

We like to start our Sunday mornings by going out for breakfast. Alain loves Swedish pancakes.  They’re like crepes but not filled. He gets them with powdered sugar and lots of berry sauce. It’s so good! Breakfast is probably our favorite meal. We talk about things going on in our lives and in the world, and Read more »


We both grew up in households with great cooks. Alain’s favorite food is machaca (shredded beef) tacos. I love making it for him but I cant get his Mom’s recipe! She says its job security. I grew up in a multicultural household. My Dad is Armenian so he would always make Armenian Cheese Borek. It sounds weird Read more »

Local Parks

We are fortunate to live in a city that has so many great parks, and in the San Francisco Bay Area there are countless places to have adventures. We live near a Six Flags theme park and water park, as well as several zoo’s. (Yes.  We will be the cool Dads that take their child to Disneyland and all those fun Read more »

Our Journey

We have completed our home study and are working with our very warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at info@adamsromer.com. You can also visit their website at www.adamsromer.com. Today (December 21st, 2019) we met with a licensed Read more »

About This Diary

A little glimpse in to our life! Hopefully you find it interesting and exciting, and think about your baby being part of our family!

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