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Michael & Alain

Home Study Approved, Live in a Great Area, Two loving guys excited to be Dads!

We are very happy to see you here!

We are Alain (pronounced align - like align your tires) and Michael (some people call him Mike). We are a married couple living in California. We have both known for a long time we want to be parents.

We all know that life is short. We believe it is important to laugh as much as possible, have fun, be silly, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. We are both very alike but we are also very different, which is why we know we will be great dads.

In our profile we have put together some information about us as individuals, our home, our family , and have included other information and photos so you can get to know us.

We know there are a lot of other families who want to adopt. There are so many families out there with so much love to give. That is a really beautiful thing. We are thankful that you are reading about us, and excited to be on this journey. At the same time we know you have a lot on your plate right now. We don't pretend to understand or know what you are going through, but we promise to support, love, and care for you in any way we possibly can.

We are very thankful you have taken this time to check out our profile. While there is a ton of information on here, we would really love for an opportunity to get to know you- if you are ok with that , and for you to get to know us. You are making a very important decision and you have to select the family that is right for you. We think by getting to know us, you will see that we are a unique couple and have been working hard to learn and grow to be the best parents we possibly can.

Take all the time you need to look through our profile. We know it is a LOT to take in. Please also know you can reach out to us at any time. We would really love to connect and share our hopes and dreams for what is most important in this journey: you and your baby.

We hope to hear from you! If not , we want you to know we are sending you all the love and positive energy in our hearts. Our contact information is below. Thank you so very much. <3

>>>E-Mail: Michaelandalain@gmail.com ~ (this is the best way to connect with us!) ~

>>>Voice Mail 1-800-225-7679 ~

>>>Text 510-936-6971~

>>>Check out our website: www.michaelandalain.com ~

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Who We Are

We met through mutual friends. Our first date was at a sushi restaurant (Michael had never eaten sushi but he didn't tell Alain that... so he was very unsure of what to order) and a walk to the beach. Just two months later we were living together, and a few years later we were married!

We love spending time together. Our days are spent reading, playing video games, working on projects around the house (Michael just planted a TON of vegetables.... nothing like fresh veggies from the garden!) .

We are very family oriented and have tight-knit families. Alain's family is supportive and excited about our journey to become Dads. They mostly live in Southern California near the Mexican border. We love going to visit.

Michael has tons of family in our area. His family is also supportive and excited. Michael's Mom has already started buying baby stuff and is so excited she wants to have a little nursery at her house for when we visit.

We consider ourselves to be very kind, loving, and accepting people. We know parenthood will have many challenges but we are so excited to be on that journey. We know we will be awesome Dads and provide a very amazing life for our child. Both Michael and Alain grew up with siblings, so we hope to adopt more than once so our children have siblings to spend time with.

Adoption Diary

Alain and Dozer

Dozer (our chubby little dog) is Alain’s sidekick. He gives him treats when I’m not looking.  I know Alain is going to be an amazing Dad!


Spending some time relaxing in the back yard on a beautiful day

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Michael & Alain

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Michael & Alain