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Our Pets

Our dog Ole (pronounced OH-lee) is a ten year old black lab who is one of the sweetest dogs. He has a hilariously pronounced overbite, which doesn’t bother him at all except when he tries to pick something up with his teeth. He has to turn his neck about 30 degrees to one side or the other to be able to pick it up with the sides of his teeth. We also have a cat named Pippi (after the Longstocking girl of fable). She goes for four-mile walks with us, and we think she thinks she’s a dog. Our beloved Betta fish, Coco, recently went the way of all fish at the amazingly ripe old age of five. Madeleine painted a rock to serve as a headstone, and mama said a few words at the burial. Furry (and finned) friends are a big part of our lives.

About This Diary

We are hoping to grow our family through adoption, because we feel we have more love to share. It took many years for us to have our daughter, Madeleine, and after her birth we've been unable to have another child. Both of us cannot imagine life without our sisters and we can see that Madeleine is a sister just waiting for a brother or sister whom she can love, share/fight over random things, and laugh at the expense of their crazy parents. There is room in our home and room in our lives for more.

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