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Our Madeleine is our everything. She’s the funniest kid she’s ever met (and cracks us up, too). I caught her looking at her kindergarten photo yesterday and asked her, “What are you thinking about when you see that photo?” She replied, “Um, how adorable I am.” Then she made a weird face, “Is that bad?” She has been desperate for a brother or sister since she was tiny.
When she was 13 months old she walked over to me and hugged and kissed me when the parents die in a shipwreck in the Disney movie Frozen as if to lessen any fears of mortality I might have had. When she was three she stood with her feet in the waves of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, holding her grandmother’s hand. She shouted at the top of her voice over the whitecaps, “I am MOANA!” Clearly we watch lots of animated movies in this house. Madeleine has a favorite doll, Dede. She has changed Dede’s diaper approximately 4,000 times practicing for the time when she’ll be allowed to do so for her sibling.

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We are hoping to grow our family through adoption, because we feel we have more love to share. It took many years for us to have our daughter, Madeleine, and after her birth we've been unable to have another child. Both of us cannot imagine life without our sisters and we can see that Madeleine is a sister just waiting for a brother or sister whom she can love, share/fight over random things, and laugh at the expense of their crazy parents. There is room in our home and room in our lives for more.

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