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Dear Expectant Mother, Greetings and Salutations!

That's the super-formal way Charlotte speaks to Wilbur in one of our favorite children's books, Charlotte's Web. It seems so formal and a weird way to say hello, but that's what she says and, we learn through the story, it's how she breaks the ice with someone who will become very special to her. This letter is also a super-formal way to break the ice with someone we don't know, but who may become very important to us.
Families are made in so many ways, but my (Kelly) larger family story is one that has always included adoption. My maternal grandpa was a pastor in Alaska decades ago. Two mothers made the brave and loving choice to make an adoption plan for their babies and these little boys were welcomed into the noise, chaos, and joy of a pastor's family that already had four kids! My grandparents never shared the stories of my uncles' birth mothers, but they did share the deep sense of gratitude they had for the selflessness of their mothers. They also shared that though each of their mothers chose "closed" adoption as their plan, my grandparents never stopped praying for them. I am struck by the strength of all mothers who choose to make a plan of adoption for their babies out of great love for their child. I am grateful for the ways adoption has already created my family and I'm hopeful that, as adoption has changed over the generations, our story together may look different from the days of old when "closed" adoption was the only option.
My family (Derek) is all about healing. My mom was a nurse for many years. My sister is one of the kindest people around, always looking to see what pain people around her are hiding and finding ways to help them heal. I have lots of scars on my body, so I don't have the luxury of ignoring the fact that hard and hurtful things happen, and yet amazing healing can come to that pain. We don't presume to know your story, of course, but we do know that all kinds of people (probably everyone!) need healing. We know that no one would take lightly the prospect of making an adoption plan for their child. On the contrary, we're amazed at your courage of considering this as a way to give your child the very best start in life. No matter what you choose to do, we're cheering for you, hoping you can heal from any fear or pain in your life, and we hope you trust yourself to do the very best thing for the miracle growing inside you, whatever that plan is.

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Who We Are

Both of us were in graduate school when we met, but we were both dating the wrong people. It took us a while to figure that out, after graduation, actually. But when we were single, Derek wrote on Facebook that he was going to a barbecue place to listen to bluegrass music, and Kelly flirtatiously joked that, in that case, they were definitely meant to be. Facebook messages led to phone calls. One night when a thunderstorm meant that cell phone reception was bad, Derek drove to his office to use the landline to call her and felt awful about racking up a three hour phone bill that night.

Monthly cross-country flights led to an engagement at a dive bar because the fancy restaurant where he intended to propose was closed for the winter (oops!). She said yes and we've been married now for ten years. We make a life with two careers (minimum, Derek usually has a few extras), far away family, close-knit friends, and with a commitment to God, the world, and one another.

Adoption Diary

Before you go,

We are only human. Flawed and silly, we make mistakes and we try again, but we have great faith and hope in a world of forgiveness and new life. We promise love that does not expect perfection, but seeks for kindness and justice. We promise to love each other enough that loving a child grows from the love we have for each other. We bring with us a rag-tag bunch of loving, goofy, excited aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Though our families are far away we are surrounded by a large, diverse, and close-knit group of friends who have been our cheerleaders as we parent our first child and are all ready to love on a baby with us.
Though we are nervous and maybe a bit shy about it, we are open to whatever amount of “openness” may be right for you, your baby, and our family together. We believe that the best interest of a child is of the utmost importance and that is something we would love to explore with you. All children are a gift in life, and as such are never “ours” but instead are allowed to grow into whomever they are meant to be. We promise to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home filled with books, too many baked goods, and plenty of silliness.
With love,
Kelly, Derek and Madeline

Our Pets

Our dog Ole (pronounced OH-lee) is a ten year old black lab who is one of the sweetest dogs. He has a hilariously pronounced overbite, which doesn’t bother him at all except when he tries to pick something up with his teeth. He has to turn his neck about 30 degrees to one side or the other to be able to pick it up with the sides of his teeth. We also have a cat named Pippi (after the Longstocking girl of fable). She goes for four-mile walks with us, and we think she thinks she’s a dog. Our beloved Betta fish, Coco, recently went the way of all fish at the amazingly ripe old age of five. Madeleine painted a rock to serve as a headstone, and mama said a few words at the burial. Furry (and finned) friends are a big part of our lives.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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