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Our journey to Adoption

Our journey to adoption has not been a short one and has always been the top decision in our mind. But we made sure to explore all avenues before we decided which direction we wanted to go.

First, we looked into adoption and at the time we were just researching. We realized that it was very expensive and so naturally, we started looking into less expensive ways to have a child. We did a workshop through our local DSS and the only option to adoption through this avenue was foster to adopt. The only downside to taking this path is, if we foster a child, fall in love his him/her, and make that connection with them there was a strong chance that the child could have been reunited with their family. Even though this is great, it was just not the right path for us.

Our second option was surrogacy. We met with a couple companies and got all the information we needed to take the next steps. Unfortunately, this process is very tedious and very expensive. We decided it was not the right path for us.

So this brings us back to adoption and here we are! Adoptimist was not our first option but after talking to several agencies, we decided to take the process into our own hands. We are committed to the hard work and look forward to working just as hard with a child in our lives.

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