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Auntie selfies

Our goddaughter is at the age where she can’t sit still but still can’t get enough of her auntie hugs & selfies and I’m not mad about it ;) Read more »

The new norm.

Yesterday was an office day which means a mask all day. I decided to make the most out of the situation and buy cute masks from local moms making them to support good causes. Read more »


Facebook brought us back today to one of our favorite weeks of our story so far, our honeymoon in Mexico! I close my eyes and still hear the ocean waves and how we told our family we weren’t coming back ;) Read more »


I couldn’t resist! Went to target (my happy place) and got our niece some cute back to school outfits <3 Read more »

Beach day!

Had a fun family beach day on Sunday catching some sun & building sandcastles with our niece <3 Read more »

Dirty thirty

Had a fun Saturday night out celebrating Christina’s sisters boyfriend’s surprise party! Read more »

Garden to table !

I cannot keep up with the speed of Jerry’s garden this year. But I do love being able to walk outside for my produce instead of the store. Fresh convenient and yummy! Eggplants are almost ready to pick :) Read more »

Onto the next chapter!

We have exciting news, we are moving! While we are so excited to start the next chapter, we are also sad to leave our first home where we shared so many amazing memories. But it was time for something a little bigger and we are only going across town! Can’t wait to make new memories :) Read more »

DIY Home sweet home

Finished product! It amazes me how talented Jerry is and there hasn’t been one thing in this house he hasn’t been able to do with his own two hands! So happy with our new pretty door :) Read more »

Father’s Day

I was his shadow growing up & he always made me feel special and to always follow my dreams. Our bond grew even stronger when I got the chance to save his life when I was 17 and he needed his second kidney transplant. Thankful we still have him in our lives today! Read more »

Home improvements

Since we moved in 5 years ago we haven’t stopped updating / doing fun things to our home. We decided the front door needed a change and a pop of color. So we did some experimenting on the garage door first to see if we liked it. Wild blueberry for the win! Read more »

Work with a view

Christina has Officially lost count of how many days it’s been working from home and Jerry has been saying for weeks “why don’t you try setting up outside!” Well today was the day. It was harder than it looked and still a lot of back & forth but it’s nice to feel the sun ☀️! Read more »

Sunday Funday

A fun filled Sunday afternoon at Jerry’s brothers house today playing with our niece & catching some vitamin-d. We wait all week for this <3 Read more »

Stop & smell the roses

Special delivery! Today we celebrate our anniversary. Hard to believe we have been married 4 years & together for 17!! These beautiful flowers were a nice surprise since I’m stuck inside on this beautiful day working. But I hear someone is cooking a special lobster dinner later ;) thankful for each other everyday & Read more »

Sat night haircuts

Well Jerry finally gave in & decided to let me cut his hair. For a first timer I did a pretty good job but it’s safe to say when the barber is open I’ll be sending him back there! But it was a fun adventure for now ;) Read more »

Cinco de Mayo Birthday

Today we celebrate the most important woman in Christina’s life - her mama!! I hope to be half the mother she is one day and can’t wait to watch her be a Grandma <3 going to be one lucky little baby!! Read more »

Day ???

Another day at the “office”. Finally got into the routine of working from the dining room table but had to move to the kitchen today as Jerry finds yet another home projects and works on the roof! It’s been a tough transition but we are grateful to be home safe. Even if there has been a LOT of extra snacking going on Read more »

Goddaughter lovin

Finally got to have a visit with our little munchkin! The way her face lights up when she sees us makes everything going on in the world disappear. Even though we can’t have our usual weekly play dates this & our Facetimes will do for now! Read more »

Special delivery!

Christina got a special package this week - a cute new apron from her best friend made by a talented woman who donates the proceeds towards autism research a cause near & dear to both of our hearts. So since Jerry was out working all day off to the kitchen I went to cook and put it to good use :) Read more »

Sibling day

Even though we can’t be together today as soon as social distancing is over she’s first on my list to hug soo tight!! We have been best friends & sisters for 28 years and I’m thankful every day for her. So excited to make her an aunt one day! Read more »

Eat & Clean

There has been LOTS of cooking & cleaning lately in our house due to the unfortunate social distancing. Thankfully our family is all safe but we can’t wait to be able to see everyone again hopefully very soon!! Tonight’s dinner looking pretty :) Read more »

Sunday Funday

Jerry started off Sunday with lots of requests from Christina on what she felt like eating .. he decided to make them all! Homemade rice balls to fresh mozzarella and ended off with some homemade pizza! Transitioning to work from home hasn’t been easy but he sure has helped make it tastier ;) Read more »

Oh happy day

Finally got to meet our cousins baby! We are so excited to make new memories & watch this little peanut grow up. Read more »

Sunshine during these dark times

With all the tragedy going on in the world today our family was blessed with a new sweet little angel! So happy for our cousins & best friends and we cannot waittt to be able to visit and snuggle this little cutie! Read more »

What’s going on?!

It still feels like a bad dream what the new norm has become. Working from home has become quite the transition and more stressful but husband made it better by making some Dino nuggets for lunch! Disclaimer: they were in our freezer from when our niece stays over and they just ate yummy ;) Read more »

Sunday traditions

Jerry loves waking up to the smell of meatballs frying on a Sunday morning! Had a fun day with family and everyone went home with big doggy bags. Nothing makes us happier <3 Read more »

One of those days

The mass hysteria of corona virus really slowed me down today - especially all the husbands on the phone in the middle of the aisles asking their wives “what is this you wrote on the list I can’t find it”? Read more »

Showering the mama to be

Had such a fun day at the most beautiful baby shower celebrating our cousin who is due next month! We are so excited to meet the newest edition to the family and make new memories <3 Read more »

He’s at it again

Well Christina isn’t feeling well & Jerry is back in the kitchen with another “experiment” - homemade dried sausage. Yes he cleaned up after himself but of course I had to go in and do it another 3x cause I have this thing with meat blood around my kitchen yuckk. Can’t wait to try the finished product in a few Read more »

Love your pet day!

Growing up Christina always had beagles - sadly the last one passed away on our wedding day. Jerry’s brother’s dog always manages to find her way cuddled up at my feet & it warms my heart <3 Read more »

Sunday Funday gone too soon.

When your niece wants to play in her princess tent you squeeze yourself in there and realize why don’t I have one of these?! This little munchkin always keeps us smiling <3 Read more »

Fun in the snow.

At our upstate house Jerry having fun in the snow on the quad showing our niece some tricks - Christina watching from the warm house! Read more »

I could get used to this.

It was a rainy Monday, Christina got home late to find Jerry in the kitchen again experimenting with some yummy homemade roasted peppers. The kitchen is how he found it so I’m a happy wife ;) Read more »

Errands before date night.

Yesterday was alll about compromise. I agreed to go to Home Depot & Jerry came to Michael’s - he was so excited he texted all his friends about it ;) then had a fun date night at our favorite restaurant! Read more »

Pizza party!

Needed a mid-week pick me up so Jerry decided to put his pizza making skills to the test and take over the kitchen tonight! Read more »

Game Day!

Spent the first part of Super Bowl Sunday making fresh mozzarella! Our first time but proud of ourselves how yummy it came out. Now on to a party with family & friends. Read more »

1st Bday !

Celebrated our cousin’s son’s Mickey Mouse 1st bday with family. Our goddaughter takes after her aunt & loves those cupcakes because dessert is always the best part! Read more »

Going back in time

Had a blast at Christina’s sister’s best friends wedding. What made it more special for us was it was at the same church & venue we got married with some of our favorite vendor friends. Such a fun date night where we got to remember the best day of our lives… so far!! Read more »

Special delivery.

The amazon man has become my friend lol. I think everyone has that one thing they need to have a special brand or it’s just not the same. For me it’s these sponges. Seems silly I know. I’m very OCD when it comes to cleaning and my biggest pet peeve is a dirty sponge so this made me happy when Jerry had my package Read more »

Winner winner chicken dinner :)

Since today is technically “Monday” I knew it would be a long day at work so I got dinner ready last night and it was all pretty and ready to go this AM. Yummy roasted chicken! Crockpots are one of my fave things in the kitchen in the winter! Read more »

Perfect ending to a 3 day weekend!

Jerry had work today but Christina was off for the holiday so went to visit my godson and have fun on this work- free Monday! He has autism and he makes me so proud how much progress he is making since he has been in school. He works so hard and one strong little nugget <3 Read more »

Best buds

Saturday night fun at our upstate house. Uncle Jerry & our niece always being silly together. <3 Read more »

Weekend starts now!

Escaping for the weekend on a road trip upstate for some much needed R & R with Jerry’s brother, SIL & our niece. Can’t wait to play in the snow ! Read more »

Sleepover with munchkin!

It’s always a fun Saturday when we get to have a sleepover with our adorable little niece/goddaughter. She was cheesin from ear to ear when Uncle Jerry got home from work! Read more »

Home is where the heart is.

Almost Valentine’s Day ;) It used to be a cliche holiday for both of us- until it was the day we met and found our soul mate! You’ll always find a wreath hanging on our front door because I love decorating this beautiful home we have built together! Read more »

Sunday Funday

Ending the week with our favorite little human! Dinner at Jerry’s brothers and fun time with our niece/goddaughter. Think it’s time to buy her a pair of pink air max’s to match Aunt Christina :) Read more »

Good for the soul.

The cold weather and running around has been getting the best of us so whipped up some quick chicken soup! Good for the soul & oh so delicious. Not to mention my cooking always leaves a big smile on Jerry’s face (and a full belly) ;) Read more »

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2020 with some of the people we love at a cousin’s party and had a blast. This year we went through a lot of silent battles but we came out stronger than ever. We dream of the day we can celebrate this day and every other with the tiniest most special member of our family <3 Read more »

Family dinner

Still recovering from the holidays but put together a nice Saturday dinner for Grandpa before he goes back to Florida & our cousins. Love filling everyone’s bellies with home cooking <3 Read more »

Melting our hearts

Christmas isn’t about material things and although at our age our family still seems to spoil us, what we cherish the most is the time spent with family. The new memories we are creating, the laughs, and of course all the yummy food! Our goddaughter/niece made this very special ornament for us and it’s things like this Read more »

Christmas traditions

This year was a challenge as I wasn’t feeling well. But I told myself I can’t break tradition. Every year I bake these cookies a recipe from Grandma that everyone enjoys and we bring everywhere we go for the holidays. So I pushed through and got up and baked all morning. I know she was watching over because this is the Read more »

Feeling crafty.

Getting ready to celebrate Jerry’s Grandpa’s 90th surprise party! Almost forgot we needed a card box. Quick run to Michael’s and here we are :) I love helping plan parties and making family feel special. Can’t wait to celebrate later. Read more »

Rocking around the Christmas Tree!

Looks like we are running out of room! Full disclosure Christina isn’t the greatest wrapper so she tries to find special bags to make up for it! The trickiest part remembering all the presents on the right days since we have many days of celebration ahead! Read more »

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is a special time in our families however we cannot wait for the day we get to add a very special edition to ours! We have so much love in our hearts that we have been waiting to give to that special little one <3 Read more »

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