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Christina & Jerry

Loving married couple from New York on our journey to become first time parents through the blessing of adoption <3

While we can never fathom the feelings you are having during this vital time as you make a self-less, brave & courageous decision, our promise to you is that we will love and protect any child unconditionally from the moment they are placed into our arms. They will always know they are safe and protected. Family is the root of everything to us and they will be welcomed with a significant support system, who have been by our side through this journey, waiting to share their love too with this child for whom we have prayed for. We find happiness in our hearts knowing one day we will be able to share all the love we have in our hearts not only with each other but a baby we are blessed with. They may not have our eyes or our nose, but they will undoubtedly have our hearts and always be our number one priority and are excited to be able to watch the world through their eyes each and every day!

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Who We Are

It all started Valentine’s Day 2003, I was a Senior in High School, a night out with my friends going for a slice of pizza when I ran into “this boy” who caught my eye. My town was so small everyone knew everyone, so I wondered who he was. Small world, he was my friend’s cousin. And it just so happens I caught his eye too. The rest is history. Here we are 17 years later.

We both have discovered a love in country music. You will always find the Highway playing in our cars. We enjoy going to concerts with family/friends and 99% of the time it’s a country one! Although during our first year of dating almost 17 years ago Jerry brought me to a Joe Cocker concert- still not sure how that happened, although it ended up being a fun night and one that became part of our story!

Like any adults, our lives come with tons of responsibilities. We are blessed to have a beautiful home with a ginormous backyard. We have found a balance that makes our home run so that we still always have the time at the end of the day for each other and on weekends when things come up we know when it’s okay to go have fun. I have my routine of always waking up on Saturday and cleaning for a good part of the day and then comes food shopping, and used to stress if I had something scheduled on the weekend- but when am I going to clean? You find the time and figure it out, you don’t cancel your plans. Jerry likes to say “this house wouldn’t run without you” but he fails to realize who is the one outside during the Fall months spending days at a time doing the leaves, and all summer cutting the grass, trimming the trees, during the Winter shoveling the snow and cleaning off the cars, and basically fixing everything I break in the house! Cooking is also something, although primarily I will do, Jerry never hesitates to step in which is something I appreciate about him. Maybe I’m not feeling well or it’s just been a really long day at work, he takes over and sometimes it tastes better than mine would and I wonder should I just pass the baton to him everyday?! We both come from Italian families so food is basically involved in everything you do, and multiple courses. So maybe our Mom’s wouldn’t be too proud, but sometimes we cut corners and don’t always have our appetizer and salad! I got my love of cooking from my Mom and Grandma. Growing up, no matter the event or how many people were attending, it was always a massive amount of food, and leftovers to feed the entire block. Every Sunday we would go to my Grandma’s for Sunday sauce, a tradition in most Italian families. As soon as the weather gets cooler I wake up every Sunday and make a pot of sauce and fry meatballs (Jerry helps by taste testing the sauce and sneaking meatballs throughout the day) and I like to think my Grandma is watching over me <3 I also enjoy baking- especially around the holidays. I think the biggest reward is how much people enjoy what I’m making and why I bake for days and share with everyone.

Adoption Diary

Beach day!

Had a fun family beach day on Sunday catching some sun & building sandcastles with our niece <3

Dirty thirty

Had a fun Saturday night out celebrating Christina’s sisters boyfriend’s surprise party!

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Christina & Jerry

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Christina & Jerry