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Love + Adventure + Travel + Family = One lucky guy living life to the fullest

If you have already seen my profile pictures, you most likely have one big question in your mind: "is this the profile of a single man? No significant other?" Yup. That is correct. A man. Single, 43 years old and looking to adopt.

I realize this is probably not the norm and you're more likely to find profiles of married couples or even single moms-to-be. I was brought up by a loving couple (a mom and a dad) and I can understand why some may gravitate towards a more "traditional" family structure. I understand that. I get it. That said, I'm asking you to consider another perspective - one that is probably not as "popular" but is also full of love from an extremely dedicated dad supported by lots of family and "friends who became family" around the world. On top of that, open adoption is the perfect route for me because I want to become a loving dad while ensuring my child/children know their biological mom/moms.


You know how people always say, "I know how you feel" or "yeah, I understand"?

Well I can't claim to be able to do that. I can only imagine or try to put myself in your shoes, but I can't ultimately experience and feel what you are going through. What I can do, nevertheless, is to relate by sharing some difficult moments of my own as well as how I was able to pull through. I've had a few… but here’s one.

When I told my parents I was gay, they didn't quite take it that well. I was sent to talk to priests and nuns who said I would be going to hell, therapists that put wires on my fingers to detect if I was just lying and was also kicked out of my own home. My mom even said she was no longer my mother if I insisted on claiming I was gay.

It was tough, it really was. But what was great about it was that it helped me realize what I wanted in life and that the only way to get there was to move forward. I had help and support from others who helped me be clear on what I really wanted. I was lucky enough to acknowledge it was my life, accept it, and with time, patience and love, find a way back to my family. We started to talk about what being gay really meant. Through this process, I found out that my parents were mostly just afraid that I'd end up alone in the world. We got to the root of their concerns and moved passed. I can't even imagine what my life would be now if I hadn't gone through that. It brought us so much closer together. This is the lesson I'd love to teach my own kids: Love really does find a way.

Regardless of your chosen path, and whether I'll be the person raising your beautiful child, my wish is that you find that perfect path for you—and to find peace. If you do decide to move forward with adoption plans with me, I'd consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. It would be a privilege to be a devoted, caring dad that prioritizes family, love, patience, understanding and just being a good dad above anything else. My entire family, friends and I would love nothing more than to welcome your child into our hearts and home, and to help this child grow into a kind, strong and compassionate person.

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I was born and raised in Mexico City and migrated to the U.S. when I was 26. I'm certain my higher purpose in life is to help and love others. I truly do. Nothing brings me more joy than helping people out and sharing the love, and I hope this is what I'll be remembered for the most. Which is why I've always known I wanted to adopt a child(ren), instilling this purpose of giving back and passing on the support and love I'm so fortunate to have in my life.

I have an older brother and younger sister; both of them have kids. And both inspire me greatly, too. My brother and his family live in Atlanta and my sister and hers live in Monterrey, Mexico. My sister has three kids (ages 1, 3 and 5). Both my sister and brother (and their spouses) are thrilled about my decision to adopt and the journey of parenthood. Their relationships with their kids are moving to witness—both are based on love, respect, understanding and patience.

Beyond my immediate family, I'm unbelievably lucky to have a huge extended family (30 cousins and counting) and friends. My cousins are like siblings to me and we see each other very frequently. I also have friends from multiple backgrounds (European, Asian, American, Latin American, Indian); many of which have been my friends for over 25 years, have families of their own. The child I'd be privileged to raise would grow up as part of a big, loving and supportive extended family of relatives as well as friends.

My biggest passion by far is traveling! I have a soft spot for Mexico, of course, but also love to travel internationally—I truly believe travel is education in and of itself and would love to share that with my child. I want them to see the world like I have, learn from people that are not like them, which results in more understanding and having an open mind.

When it comes to work, I am the Chief Marketing Officer for a local regional (but large) furniture store. It's a private family business that understands the importance of diversity and putting family first. And, although I love my job, I've come to realize it's simply a means to an end. The ultimate goal was and always will be family and helping people. I am able to work remotely most of the time.

My child will also learn to love the outdoors as much as I do—biking, camping, running. There's something humbling about being out in the world surrounded by nature.

Well...that's me. There's clearly more to me, but I hope just this little bit helps you to get to know me better.

Thank you for your time!

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