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Making the best of COVID-19 impacts

So, coronavirus….this is a historical time and with these times comes a large variety of emotions. Anything from fear and uncertainty to hope and togetherness. Brad and I are both in education and with all of Illinois schools being closed through May, it has led to huge shift in how we do our jobs to help students learn and adjust to this environment. Similar to how we approach many challenges faced in our lives, Brad and I have taken this with as much flexibility, faith, and understanding as possible. We are also homeschooling Owen to the best of our ability. I suppose I’m making this post so our future child’s birth mom knows that even in difficult times, Brad and I will not only remain constant for your child but also be a beacon of hope, safety, and love for him/her. Everyone stay safe, stay healthy and make the best of the social distancing.

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Brad & Theresa

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