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Our Story

We met on a dating site called Catholic Match. Ironically, we both had doubts about our budding relationship as we lived almost 200 miles away from each other at the time. In fact, Maria tried to subtly shut Craig down only for both of us to persist and continue messaging each other. It was a great challenge entering into a long-distance relationship. However, we both gave the other a chance and were rewarded with the love of our lives.

We've been married now for four and a half years. We have a tiny dog named Louie. We enjoy taking him for walks and playing fetch. We enjoy relaxing together, walking, and traveling.

Family is very important to us. We live near Maria's large family and get together with them often. There's hardly a dull moment in that crowd, such as when a Packer game is on and kids are running all around.

Meanwhile, Craig's family is more spread out. We take extra steps to stay in touch with them, such as group calls and long car trips.

We're hoping to add another little one to our families very soon!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a ranch style home in a suburb of Milwaukee. As Maria is a nanny we already have several rooms for children. We have a toy room they love to spend time in and a bedroom already set up with a crib. Craig works from home so he has a home office. The house has plenty of space with a good sized kitchen and an open concept connecting kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The house sits in a peaceful neighborhood with little traffic. Our neighbors are friendly and many of them have kids themselves. We have a playground in our backyard and there are several parks a short drive away. There's a grocery store practically next door just a short walk away. We also live a short drive away from many of Maria's family.

We've been very happy with our home and plan to stay here a long time. We feel this is a great place to raise a child and start a family.

About Maria

Maria is an incredible wife and I'm so blessed to have met her. She has a sassy sense of humor that constantly gets me laughing. She often gets excited about the little things, such as a good watermelon. She's kind, loving, and adores children.

Maria is the 4th of 10 children. Her big family is a close-knit group that often spends time together and shares hobbies. Her six younger siblings uncovered her love for childcare at a young age.

Maria works as a nanny for some of our nieces and nephews. She enjoys engaging them in arts and crafts, such as finger painting. She's also spent time working as a teacher and brings her love of teaching into nannying.

Maria has dedicated much of her life to children, both personally and professionally. She will be an amazing mother!

Written By: Craig

About Craig

Written by: Maria

I am so beyond blessed to have Craig in my life. He is incredibly kind, smart and dedicated. Whenever I am down he is there to cheer me up, whether it's with a lame joke, a silly dance, or a simple hug.

Craig is incredibly hard working and enjoys a challenge. He is constantly pushing himself to be better and learn new things as a software developer. Also, for fun he has even written stories and created apps!

Craig has been so great with my nieces and nephews. You can usually catch him chasing the kids around and giving them a ride on his shoulders. I always say he knows how to play with them like a dad would. He definitely has the dad jokes to fit the part! All jokes aside, Craig has an amazing heart and I can't wait for him to be able to share that with our children.

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