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Stay safe!

Oh what a crazy time we are living in right now!  I hope you are doing well during this pandemic. Who would have thought in March that we still would be dealing with the pandemic in December.  I pray the pandemic ends soon.  Stay safe! (photo credit goes to my amazing photographer friend AJ) Read more »


While I love summer so much, fall is also a nice time.  It signifies a start of something new to me.  A new season.  A new school year.  I love the colors of fall, the crisp air, the pumpkins.  I hope you are able to get out and see signs of fall too! Read more »

Things I miss - Volunteering with Girls in STEM

A few of the things I love to do in my spare time is volunteer with girls interested in STEM careers and to volunteer as a judge at Innovation competitions.  Many summers, I get to do both as a judge for the innovation competition at eSchool4Girls, a summer entrepreneurship program for high school girls in New York Read more »

How are you, really?

“How are you doing?” is a common question we all ask but often don’t expect more than a “fine” or “great” response.  During this time of the pandemic, social isolation from quarantining, anger about the murder of George Floyd, the poor economy….there is a lot to be stressed Read more »

Virtual Sleep Out tonight

I have been volunteering with Covenant House for many years now.  Covenant House provides housing, food, clothes, job training and love and support to homeless and trafficked youth.  I have visited their New York City shelter and their safe house in Guatemala City.  I am so impressed with the support that they Read more »

Flowers on my morning walk

I usually love to run, go to the gym, and hike outside.  When the pandemic started, the gyms closed and I set up a little home gym.  I also started a new routine of taking a LONG walk every morning, no matter the weather and early enough so there are few other people around.  As life has started slowing down, I Read more »

Exercising in Quarantine

How is your quarantine going?  You would think staying inside is not so hard, but for an active person like me it is a big change!  I (normally) love walking, hiking or running outside.  I also love sitting at the cute outdoor cafes in town and catching up with friends.  Those are some of the things I look Read more »

Hope you are well!

What an interesting time we are in with the coronavirus pandemic.  I hope you are well and safe.  I have been getting up early every morning, rain or shine, for a walk before other people are out to avoid any germs.  It has become a favorite part of my day.  I walk for about an hour and have explored new Read more »

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