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We love to reminisce about how we met 10 years ago!

We both work with professional theater companies in Buffalo, New York as performers and directors. We have also both won some awards for our work!

Anyway, on June 5, 2010 we were both asked to perform in an anniversary concert for one of the local companies we had both worked with in the past. We ended up eating dinner together in between performances, and from that moment on, Jeffrey was hooked! Erin on the other hand wasn’t quite convinced.

However, later in the night we reconnected, and have been together ever since.

We think the best thing about our marriage is that not only do we love each other, we are also truly best friends. We love to spend time together whether it be grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon, or having friends over on our back patio in the summer, we love to do things together. We have fun, and make each other laugh on a daily basis. We love our life together, and we cannot wait grow our family in love and laughter through adoption.

Our extended family and close knit group of friends mean a great deal to us. We are both fortunate enough to have wonderful, supportive, and loving parents, who remind us often that they cannot wait to have another grandchild to love! Erin also has a brother, who is married, and has two boys that we just love!! Being an aunt and uncle and spending time with our nephews is one of our absolute favorite things to do! We also have many wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins. One of our favorite family traditions is our large Christmas Eve party that we host at our house for Jeffrey’s family and some of our closest friends. On Christmas Day we eat lasagna with Erin’s large, and very Italian family!

A few summers ago, Jeffrey landscaped our backyard by himself! He drew up plans and designed it himself. We now enjoy having friends over for picnics in the summer in our backyard surrounded by beautiful flowers and good company.

We also need to mention two very important members of our family: our dogs, Ginny and Luna! Ginny is our 5 year old Havanese, and Luna is our 2 year old Bichon/Shi Tzu mix. They both fill our hearts with a lot of joy, and we enjoy having them in our home as members of our family!

We are so fortunate and grateful for those in our lives who make it so full. They too, right with us, are excited that we have felt called to grow our family through adoption, and everyone simply cannot wait for a new addition to our family!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We bought our home during the summer of 2013, about 4 months before we got married. We love our street because it is quiet and we have the BEST neighbors. We also live only a few blocks from the closest elementary school, which has a very good reputation, in a very welcoming, and compassionate school district.

We have put a lot of thought and time into making our house our home. Anyone who comes to visit always uses the same word to describe our home: cozy. It makes us so happy to know that anyone who enters our house feels cozy and welcomed; that’s what we’re always going for!

Our backyard is one of our favorite parts about our house. Jeffrey designed and landscaped it himself, and we enjoy buying flowers in the spring to fill it up with color! We also have a gazebo that we put on our back patio where we like to sit in our outdoor furniture and eat, read, and sometimes even nap! Ginny and Luna also love that it is completely fenced in, so they can safely run and play!

We also have a bedroom right across the hall from our room that we can’t wait to transform into a nursery! The walls are the happiest shade of yellow, and we would like to give it a baby jungle animal theme. We also have a wall decal we would like to place above our baby’s crib: “For this child I have prayed.” The quote is from the book of Samuel in the Bible. We want to hang it because we have surely prayed and prayed for our child, whoever, and wherever they may be.

About Erin (Told by Jeffrey)

adoptive family photo - About Erin (Told by Jeffrey) Nine years ago, Erin changed my life in so many unbelievable ways. I never thought there could be a person, outside of my parents, that could love me so fully and completely as she does. It’s hard to pin down a few details about her to share, because I want you all to know EVERYTHING about her.

The most wonderful thing about Erin is her smile. It takes over her face completely, causes her eyes to sparkle and her cheeks to redden. Her smile pairs with her laugh, which can be at times a uncontrollable, contagious cackle. There is such a sense of JOY in it, and that joy carries into everything that she does and everything that she is.

Her joy for teaching music is clear to anyone that sees her interact with her grade school students. She sees a spark in every one of her students and always seeks to inspire them and help their sparks flourish.

Her joy in being an aunt is overflowing. She calls to speak with our 3 yr old nephew every weekday on the way to work. They sing songs together, talk about trains and trucks, and share silly jokes. And they both laugh and laugh.

Her joy with being a wife and a partner is profound. The depth of her capacity to love, to care for, and to nurture amazes me and I feel privileged and honored to have had her love for nine years (and counting!!)

Finally, the joy Erin would feel becoming a mother is immeasurable. From the early days of our relationship, Erin and I have talked about having children, discussed what names we would pick, and wonder about what we could teach them and what they would teach us. When we talked, that smile I mentioned earlier would always take over. Her eyes would light up. Her cheeks would redden. And I could feel her love and passion and JOY radiating out from her heart.

Jeffrey (Told by Erin)

adoptive family photo - Jeffrey (Told by Erin) I could go on for much longer than this site will allow about my husband, Jeffrey. When he first asked for my phone number, and promised he would call, there was a kindness in his eyes that immediately made me fall in love with him.

Jeffrey always puts the needs of those he loves before his own. He never hesitates to help me with any project I may spring on him, and he will drop whatever he is doing to help his parents or an elderly family member. To this day, even after 9 1/2 years, he stills holds the door for me, and holds my hand when we are walking somewhere.

When Jeffrey commits to something or someone, he always gives 110%. Even when he is tired, or maybe wishing he was doing something else, or facing some level of adversity, if he makes a promise to himself or someone else that he will complete a project, he will focus on it until it is done.

I think Jeff will be a great dad, because he is a great man. He loves unconditionally and with his whole heart. It is never lost on me how lucky I am to have him as my husband.

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