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Pi Day

Made some chicken pot PI last night - we love any excuse to celebrate, and can’t wait to share every special day with a little one! Read more »

At the Zoo!

There was a huge storm last week that dumped 18” of snow on NYC. We decided to visit the Bronx Zoo to see how the animals liked it. So much fun and we almost had the place to ourselves! The Zoo is only half an hour away so we’ll definitely visit often with our little one! Read more »

Our local farm

Last weekend we made a quick visit to our local farm before a huge snowstorm rolled in. It’s one of our favorite spots to visit and has been a working farm for over 300 years!  We can’t wait to bring a little one to meet the animals! Read more »

Family Time

Last month Amy had a little post-holiday visit with our niece, who will be an awesome big cousin! Read more »

Happy New Year!

For New Year’s Eve we had our traditional steak dinner, and these yummy lava cakes for dessert. We look forward to 2021 and fulfilling our dream of parenthood! Read more »

Couch potatoes

Relaxing after Christmas - we watched a bunch of movies over the weekend. Plenty of room on the couch for a little one to join us! Read more »

Happy Hanukah!

We celebrated the first night of Hanukah with jelly donuts. Can’t wait to share the fun with our own little munchkin! Our NY State certification was just renewed, and we are ready and waiting to chat with you! Read more »

Henry Cooks!

Hope you enjoyed Fourth of July weekend. We had a quiet Saturday, then Sunday we went to the Farmers Market early enough to get fresh eggs. Henry made an awesome breakfast with them! Read more »

Empty nesters

Our neighbor Red Tailed Hawks have left the nest! The babies started flying over the weekend, at seven weeks old. One of them came back today for a visit. We’re so lucky the adults chose our fire escape so we could watch them grow. Maybe now we’ll go back to photos of ourselves in these updates! Read more »

Keepin’ it fresh!

We visited our local farmers market this morning for some fresh air and fresh produce. It was good to get out on such a beautiful day! Read more »

May the Force be with you!

Henry wanted a Darth Vader mask, so Henry gets a Darth Vader mask! Amy is still sewing, both for friends & family and community organizations. Total completed masks is 250, with another 35 in different stages of production. Busy busy! Read more »

Baby hawks at three weeks

The baby red tailed hawks on our fire escape are three weeks old now, and they’re HUGE! It’s so cool seeing them change every day - they’re starting to get feathers, and in only three more weeks they’ll be ready to fly! Read more »

Still here, still weird!

Quick update as it’s been a while since we posted. First, some sad news - we lost our tabby cat, Chewie, a few weeks after his 13th birthday. We miss him so much but we’re grateful for the time we had with him. Our black cat, Nero, is getting plenty of love as he gets used to being an only child. In much happier Read more »

Construction time

Our local red tailed hawks are ***building a nest on our fire escape*** We put privacy film on the window so we could watch without spooking them. Can’t wait till they lay some eggs! Read more »

Dog spa

Henry’s parents have a little beagle puppy who loves climbing on the couch. She gave Henry a soothing scalp wash and back massage. Read more »

In bloom

Some flowers to brighten your day! We hope for a little “bud” to brighten our lives! Read more »

Snow days

We haven’t really had any snow yet, so we took a road trip to find some! Also saw an amazing waterfall. Can’t wait to go exploring in all seasons with a little one! Read more »

Let them eat cake

Amy here - this came up in my Facebook memories the other day from my Mom’s retirement party in ‘13. I made and decorated the cake. If I can brag a bit, it tasted as good as it looks - half was yellow cake with fresh strawberries, the other chocolate with chocolate mousse. Took me two days to put everything Read more »

Valentine’s dinner

Forgot to post this last week - we try to always have heart shaped food on V Day. This year was ravioli in homemade cream sauce, and mini chocolate souffles. Yum! Read more »

Look at this goofball

This is how Amy’s Mom’s dog takes a nap. He’s a rescue who was found on a horse farm in Tennessee, so he’s a real Southern gentleman, and he loooooves Henry! Read more »

Berry good!

Amy here with another food pic. Hmm… Had something new for breakfast - heart shaped waffles with blueberries and chai spiced honey. It was so good! Trying to be better about eating fresh fruits and vegetables - it’s all about planning and advance preparation, which I’m not great at (tell that to the drawer Read more »


We. Love. PIZZA! Today is National Pizza Day so we had to post about it. At least once a week we enjoy it, whether homemade or delivered. This photo is from Grimaldi’s, one of our favorite pizzerias. Whenever our niece and nephew visit we have to stop there (Henry and our nephew share a plain pie. Amy and our niece Read more »


Amy started a new avocado pit yesterday. She has one from nine months ago that’s huge! It’s neat to watch the plant sprout and send out roots into the water. This will be a fun project to share with a little one! Read more »

Alpaca Lunch

We visited our local farm today to drop off food scraps. It was raining but we still had to stop by and visit our favorite alpacas, Rocky and Giorgio! Read more »

Chillin on a Wednesday night

We have a few favorite TV shows that we can just watch over and over. Last night was Modern Family and Star Trek - we’re also *obsessed* with The Office! We like to use this downtime after dinner to talk about our day and work out our plans for the future, and have some serious cuddle time with our cats! Read more »

Sew Fun!

Here’s one of the dresses Amy made for a little cousin this past Christmas. That white trim has a lot of history - it was from Amy’s great aunt’s stash - she worked in a clothing factory from roughly the 1920s through 1970s! Read more »

New Year’s Dinner

We continued our tradition of having a New Year’s Eve steak dinner. So good! We have so much to look forward to in 2020! Read more »

Fly Like an Eagle

Amy’s youngest cousin is now an Eagle Scout! This past Saturday we attended his Court of Honor, a very moving event. It was great to see so many friends and family members there to support him! Read more »

Christmas Tradition

Amy here: in my family one of our beloved traditions is i nucc, Italian sweet fried dough. My uncle and his family make them every year, and deliver the batches in shirt boxes, just the way my Grandpa’s sister used to! We would love to share this special treat with a child, and start our own traditions too! Read more »

Christmas in New York

This past weekend we went to the Bronx Zoo Holiday Lights event. So much fun seeing the beautiful animal lanterns and light displays! One of many NYC holiday traditions we hope to share with a little one! Read more »

Sew Cute!

Henry caught Amy being super serious, working on sewing Christmas gifts for two of our little cousins. Nothing like the last minute! Read more »

Holiday Lights

We went out last Saturday with some friends who tipped us off to this amazing Christmas display. The lights were synced up to music that you could tune into on the radio. So fun! Read more »

Veggie Surprise!

We just signed up with a service that delivers produce that would otherwise go to waste. Pretty cool idea, and it’s fun to get fruit and vegetables that we don’t usually buy, like this week’s collard greens. Looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen! Read more »

aMOOSEing art

Henry’s parents live close to Bennington, Vermont, which has these moose statues all over town. It’s fun to find new ones as each was painted by a different artist. This guy had a funny smile! Read more »

Henry’s *Other* Job

In addition to his 9-5 job, Henry’s also a wedding officiant! He got his certificate to help out a friend, and because he believes there shouldn’t be any barriers to getting married, including cost. He performs affordable ceremonies and has a lot of fun working with the couples to write customized vows. Henry is Read more »


Went to a Friendsgiving benefit luncheon for our adoption support group yesterday. We won this lovely baby basket! So grateful for the love and support of this amazing group! Read more »

Wild Neighbors!

There’s a family of red-tailed hawks in our neighborhood. At least one of them regularly stops by our fire escape around sunrise. It’s so cool getting a close-up look at these amazing predators! We’ve had visits at night from a flying squirrel too, and there are plenty of smaller birds outside our windows to Read more »

Early Thanksgiving

We had an early Thanksgiving celebration with some of Amy’s family last weekend. Great food and conversation as always, and our niece Riley met her little cousin Eden. It was so sweet watching them play together! We’d love to add a little one to the crew - there are so many people waiting to welcome them to the Read more »

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