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Our Story

Veronica is a very driven and positive person. She loves to challenge herself and loves being a mom. She has always known that being a mom was the one thing in life that would bring her complete joy. She learned to love herself and accomplish her personal goals before she dedicated herself in all aspects to starting a family.

Carlos has loved sports since high school. He is a very driven and hard working person. He loves being able to take care of his family and spend time with them. He also feels that once they started a family, they were fully ready to take it on.

We adopted our now two year old son, Logan, in 2017. He is such a character and makes us laugh. He has been the biggest blessing. He loves kids younger than him. He looks at them and smiles, followed with a big hello. We are looking for a little sister for Logan. We want both of them to be there for each other as adopted children.

As a family, we love camping, going to the beach and traveling. We just came back from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic. We also enjoy going to football, hockey and baseball games. We also value taking time for ourselves and doing what we love individually. Veronica enjoys painting, baking, cooking and reading. Carlos likes to spend his free time working out, watching or playing sports, BBQing and just hanging out. We have a small, but tight-knit group of friends whom we have grown with as parents and individuals.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are lucky to have found what we consider our perfect forever home. We have a two story home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. So each baby will have their own room, adorably decorated. We love our neighborhood. It is quiet, friendly and diverse. On our circle alone we have, Asian, White, Mexican and African American neighbors, We are always looking out for one another. We all get together for the Fourth of July. Everyone in our circle brings their BBQs to the middle of the street and we all gather together to share our food and watch the kids play, while we wait for the fireworks.

We have worked very hard to make this house our home. We love spending time outside in our fenced in backyard. We can relax under our covered patio, play ball with Logan or fill up his kiddie pool, if it is warm enough. We also have a park nearby that we visit a few times a week.

About Veronica by Carlos

Veronica is a wonderful mother. She is caring and understanding. For Veronica, giving up is never an option. Once she sets her mind to something, she will find a way no matter how difficult to accomplish it. She loves to spend time with family and friends. My wife has a big heart. She will go great lengths for someone in need.

Veronica has taught me the value of family and has helped me become a responsible and hard working man. I am a better father because of her. Most importantly, she loves our son with all her heart.

About Carlos by Veronica

Carlos is such a strong person. He is very responsible and takes pride in our family. He provides for us and makes sure we could never need or want for anything. He has always been very close to his family growing up and has always been a positive inspiration. He is always concerned with our well being and making sure our needs are met.

Even after 15 years of being together, he makes a point of doing the little things that make me love him more each day. One example is getting up before me to turn the heater on so it is not too cold when I get ready for work in the morning.

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