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A visit to Cornell

Recently Faye and Jon went to Cornell University to visit one of Faye’s old students from the days when she taught preschool.  It was beautiful to see upstate New York in the fall, and to see the very large campus of this school.  But best of all, it was great to see Christopher who is now a freshman at Cornell.  He is working so hard in the Engineering program, but still made time to see us and was very excited to spend time.  He gave us a tour of his dorm, which is full of art students who have created amazing murals everywhere.  There was an apple festival going on in Ithaca, with street vendors selling everything from maple syrup, to jewelry, and of course, apples.  Later we took Christopher out to dinner, and finally he took us to the Cornell Dairy bar for some amazing ice cream made from the cows right on their farm.  But the best part of it all was seeing Christopher, and how comfortable he is with Faye.  It has been so long since she taught him, but to see him still hug her like he must have when he was a child is so wonderful to see, and to know that the maternal affection he felt has not disappeared with all the years. Faye has had that affect on so many children she has taught.  It was a wonderful weekend and we brought home so many amazing apples grown by the Cornell farm that Faye can turn into some really yummy pies!

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