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Go Cuse!

Watching the Syracuse basketball game. This photo is hysterical and it shows a bit of our personalities! Haha Read more »

Natural Beauty

Had to snap this on my way to work. While stopped at a red light I looked over and saw this beautiful, peaceful view! Had to capture it! Hope you have a peaceful day and you get a chance to pause and appreciate the beauty around you! Read more »

Kelly’s Other Hobby

We LOVE putting up The Dicken’s Village. It was today’s project as the tree branches settle into position for tree decorating tomorrow. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who sees this message. The holidays are joyful for some, and lonely for others. Sending love and light to all. May you find peace, love, and happiness today and always. XOXO Read more »


Kelly cleaning and seasoning the bird for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I (Jeanine)definitely cannot be the one to clean it or else I won’t eat it! Read more »

Cupcakes for the Class!

My students asked me to bake cupcakes for them tomorrow since it’s almost Thanksgiving. I did a headcount of how many chocolate and how many vanilla. One little girl asked if I could do a combo of chocolate AND vanilla. I had to do it for her! Not too shabby right?! Read more »

She Caved!

So Jeanine has a rule…no Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving…whelp, Kelly convinced Jeanine that the Dickens Village needs to get up and running because there’s so much to do this weekend! Read more »

Short Week

Only two days of school this week, then Thanksgiving break! We can do it!!! The kids will be hyper beyond belief, but then again so will we!! Read more »


While at a conference in Brooklyn, the teacher in Jeanine is checking room numbers, watching the clock, checking the agenda, and taking notes.  Kelly the coach, in between sessions heard whistles and followed the sound until we reached the college basketball game! Balance! Read more »

Raffle Winners!

We LOVE winning raffles! Islander tickets and a fun sparkly wreath! The sport basket is Kelly’s style and the sparkly wreath is Jeanine’s style! Woohoo! Read more »

It’s Getting Chilly!

First snow of the season, even though it’s just a dusting! My class was checked out for the rest of the day after seeing the snowflakes! So much fun and so beautiful! Snapped this picture while out with the dogs! Read more »

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