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Our Story

We both believe timing is everything. We are two women who have discussed adoption since day one when we first started dating eleven years ago. We first met in the elementary school where we work. We teach, challenge, nurture, and advocate for children on a daily basis. Becoming mommies has been our dream from the start. Knowing we were established in our careers, we got married and built our dream home. We both feel that now is the time to expand our family and fill our home with even more love, laughter, joy, and adventures.

We have known for years that part of our journey would be to adopt children together to expand our family. We know that families can be created in many ways. It is our hope to have an open adoption with our son or daughter's birth family. We understand that the level of openness would depend upon everyone's comfort level, whether it be photos, phone calls, visits, or a combination. We would forever be grateful to our child's birth family and would want them in our lives. We would love for our families to always be connected. We are passionate about LIFE! We wake up each morning ready for adventures. Sometimes those adventures are big and sometimes they are small. We believe it is important to take time to be with family and friends. We are two passionate women who persevere when challenges come our way. We strive to be mindful of our own words and actions. We hope to instill these qualities in our son or daughter's journey through life. We cannot wait to wake up each morning to the smile of our child...morning snuggles, yummy breakfasts, playtime, and story-time are always magical. We cannot wait to take our little one on adventures whether it be trips to the farm, museums, the ocean, the theater, out of state trips, or our local library! Our child would be our world. We cannot wait to share this beautiful life with a little one!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We built our home in a beautiful community that is perfect for bike rides & long family walks. In winter, we relax in our home with the fireplace adding extra warmth. We go to NYC to enjoy Broadway Shows, museums, and delicious food. In Spring, we sit out on the front porch or back deck to enjoy the warm weather! Summer is spent in our backyard swimming or relaxing at the ocean. In the evening, family & friends come over to enjoy our fire-pit. We listen to music, make s’mores, & talk about life. In Fall, we pack up the car and head to the apple orchard for apple picking with friends!

About Us According to Others...

Kelly & Jeanine are kind, thoughtful and intuitive in their roles as educators, family members, and their friendships. ~M.T.

When you enter Jeanine & Kelly's home, it is a place in which the love is palpable. ~R.T.

Their personalities compliment each other and they share the same sincere ways of making everyone feel welcome in their beautiful home. Love and laughter fill their home constantly. ~M.K.

Jeanine & Kelly are truly a special couple that love and support one another. ~J.M.

Jeanine & Kelly's parenting skills are so natural that we have even turned to them when we needed advice of our own. ~L.M.

About Us!

Jeanine is an energetic elementary school teacher who has a passion for dance. You can find Jeanine playing all sorts of music, dancing around the house day and night! People describe Jeanine as having a bubbly, outgoing personality. Kelly is a school counselor and high school coach. She coaches volleyball & track. Kelly loves all things sports, whether she's playing them herself, coaching, or watching Sports Center. Kelly has a calm demeanor and is a great listener. People often seek advice from Kelly whether it's for themselves or their children. We are blessed to have summers off. It allows us to spend more time with each other, family, & friends. We eat dinner together as a family every evening. We both love to cook. Health & fitness is important to us. We workout regularly, go for walks with our mini dachshunds, & go on bike rides. We frequently go to the ocean. We're known to walk on the beach even with snow on the ground. We take yearly trips to Disney World & head into NYC often.

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