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Our Story

We both believe timing is everything. We are two women who have discussed adoption since day one when we first started dating eleven years ago. Becoming mommies has been our dream from the start. Knowing we were established in our careers, we got married and built our dream home. We both feel that now is the time to expand our family and fill our home with even more love, laughter, joy, and adventures.
We are blessed to have summers off. It allows us to spend more time with each other, family, and friends. We eat dinner together as a family 7 nights a week. We both love to cook. Health and fitness is important to us. We go to the gym regularly, go for walks with our mini dachshunds, and enjoy long bike rides. We go to the ocean as often as possible. We're known to walk on the beach even with snow on the ground. We take yearly trips to Disney World and head into NYC often.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home When we built our home we made sure to choose a neighborhood with young families. It is the perfect neighborhood for bike rides and long family walks. We both have tight knit families filled with loving parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and LOTS of cousins. We have a family tradition of getting together for spaghetti and meatballs on Sundays. Living on Long Island allows for four beautiful seasons. In winter, you can find us relaxing in our four bedroom colonial home with the fireplace adding extra warmth. Winter also has us taking the train into NYC to enjoy Broadway Shows, museums, and delicious food. Springtime brings the green grass and regrowth of our perennials. This is the time we start to sit out on the front porch or back deck to enjoy the warm weather! We are busy getting our yard ready for family and friend entertaining. In summer, you can find us in our backyard swimming in our built in pool or relaxing at the ocean which is minutes away. Summer nights are typically spent in our backyard with neighborhood families as well as our own family members coming over to enjoy our fire-pit. We all listen to music, roast marshmallows, and talk about life. Fall is one of our favorite seasons, we pack up the car and head to the apple orchard to do some apple picking with our friends. Apple picking lets us know a new school year is about to start!

About Us According to Others...

adoptive family photo - Us According to Others... Kelly & Jeanine are kind, thoughtful and intuitive in their roles as educators, family members, and their friendships. ~M.T.

When you enter Jeanine & Kelly's home, it is a place in which the love is palpable. ~R.T.

Their personalities compliment each other and they share the same sincere ways of making everyone feel welcome in their beautiful home. Love and laughter fill their home constantly. ~M.K.

Jeanine & Kelly are truly a special couple that love and support one another. ~J.M.

Jeanine & Kelly's parenting skills are so natural that we have even turned to them when we needed advice of our own. ~L.M.

About Us!

adoptive family photo - Us! Kelly-
I live on Long Island with my wife Jeanine and our mini dachshunds. I work in an elementary school as a guidance counselor. In addition to working with the little ones, I also coach volleyball, basketball, and track. Coaching has allowed me not only to continue with my passion of athletics, but provides me with the opportunity to work with student athletes not only as a coach, but a as a positive role model during their own life journeys. When I am not working or coaching I enjoy fishing, going for walks, going to the beach and relaxing poolside in our back yard.
I grew up in a two-parent home with three siblings all of whom are older than me. My oldest sister is married with two children who are now in their twenties. They live only 20 minutes away. My second oldest sister literally lives down the block from us. She is married and has twin boys. One of whom has Autism. Having a nephew who is Autistic has often been challenging and also very rewarding. My older brother lives with his wife and three kids in Buffalo, NY. This allows for fun and long road trips. My mom lives around the block from us. My father passed away several years back. With the exception of my brother, we all live in close proximity of each other allowing for lots of family time. Family time includes family dinners, getting together for each other’s birthdays, BBQ’s, pool side fun and beach time together. Although there is some distance between Buffalo and this small town, we make up for it when he and his family travel to us or we travel to them.

Jeanine -
I grew up on Long Island, New York. My passion growing up was dance. In addition to dancing at a studio, I was part of my high school’s competition kick-line team.
I am an elementary school teacher and I love the career path I chose. I get to teach little minds how to read, write, become scientists, and mathematicians! I teach young minds HOW to think, not what to think. I am an avid reader of all types of literature (biographies, non-fiction, romance novels, and good old People magazine)! I love to snuggle up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, our mini dachshunds, and a good book. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen cooking! Baking is my specialty, from cookies to fruit pies.
I have a brother who is married with three children. Our niece and nephews have been enjoying sleepover parties at our house since they were toddlers. Now that they are school aged children, they are very involved in sports and music. They still enjoy sleepovers at our house. We joke around about the fact that our sleepovers have gone from the children wanting to watch movies in our bed to wanting to take trips to the Hamptons and NYC! Although they are growing up, they still love board games and baking at our place.
My parents, also known as Nana and Papa to the grandchildren, still live in the same house I grew up in. Both of my parents are retired. My mother was an elementary school teacher and my father was the vice president of a bank. We get together with our family weekly and speak on the phone daily. The family cannot wait to welcome a beautiful baby into their lives.

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